Credits: Valhalla


Determined by the total number of Turns used to complete the game. Your rank drops by 1 for each player-controlled castle that is destroyed.

Rank Total turns
A 399 or less
B 400 – 549
C 550 – 799
D 800 – 1055
E 1056 or more


Determined by the total number of Level ups.

Rank Level ups
A 1000 or more
B 800 – 999
C 600 – 799
D 400 – 599
E 399 or less


Determined by the survival of playable characters. Playable characters who were not recruited count as being lost (although in Johan and Johalva’s case, this does not apply as long as you recruited one of them). Characters losses can be reversed by using the Valkyrie staff (this only works if you recruited them in the first place).

Rank Characters lost
A 0
B 1
C 2
D 3
E 4 or more


Determined by the total number of battles where a playable character is KO’d (recorded as a Loss). Losses are recorded even when the game is reset and the only possible way to reverse losses is to restart the chapter from the very beginning (before Turn 1 begins). Losses in the Arena don’t affect this rank. Note that a glitch occurs in the Final Chapter, where defeating Yurius with a character that can re-move after attacking causes that character’s losses to increase greatly.

Rank Battle losses
A 0 – 3
B 4 – 10
C 11 – 30
D 31 – 50
E 51 or more


If an Overall Rank of A is achieved, an extra scene can be viewed in the Epilogue, which shows the Crusaders’ pedestal at Darna.

Also, two extra map battle scenes are unlocked in the opening demo, for each Overall Rank of E to A.