Script Translation

Credits: etellerannet7 (transcripts), Jay and Boo (of j2e Renegade Translations), Dark Twilkitri, Summerwolf, Eien Ni Hen, Emilyn, Ace Noctali (original script editors)


  • This script was mainly taken from the Reparation 0.87d translation patch.
  • Some of the names may differ from the ones used on this site.
  • Additional translations can be found here.


Chapter Name Chapter Name
Prelude 6 Light Inheritors
Prologue Birth of the Holy Knight 7 Passing the Desert
1 Girl of the Spirit Forest 8 Dragon Knights of Thracia
2 Disturbance in Agustria 9 For Whose Sake
3 Lion King Eltshan 10 Light and Dark
4 Dance in the Skies Final The Last Holy War
5 Doors of Destiny Ending


Chapter Name Chapter Name
Opening Demo Death Quotes
Battle Conversations