A list of common abbreviations used by this site and, often, Fire Emblem fans in general.

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Abbrev. Short for Description
RNG Random Number Generator An in-game mechanism that creates strings of random numbers (not to be confused with the “Range” stat)
RN Random Number A randomly-generated integer number from 0 to 99. These determine everything from level up gains, battle outcomes, skill activation and more
HM Hard Mode An in-game difficulty setting that is more difficult than normal
FE Fire Emblem Self-explanatory
BS Blazing Sword Different Fire Emblem games
TSS The Sacred Stones
PoR Path of Radiance
RD Radiant Dawn
SD Shadow Dragon
CC Class Change The official term for characters upgrading to a stronger class
Creature Campaign An extended play mode in The Sacred Stones
MVP Most Valuable Player The character who performed the most in a chapter
AR Action Replay An external device used to insert cheat codes into games
BEXP Bonus Experience Experience points used to level up characters outside of battle
IS Intelligent Systems The company that created and develops Fire Emblem games
NA North America One of the seven continents of the world
NOA Nintendo of America The company that publishes Fire Emblem in North America
NPC Non-playable character A character that cannot be controlled by the player


Characters and Classes

Abbrev. Short for Description
Lv Level A measure of a character’s combat ability
HP Hit Points How much damage a character can take before they die
Str Strength The character’s physical attack power
Mag Magic The character’s magical attack power
S/M Strength/Magic The character’s physical/magical attack power
Skl Skill Affects the character’s Accuracy and Critical rate
Wlv Weapon Level Determines what weapons a character can wield
Spd Speed Affects the character’s Attack Speed
AS Attack Speed Affects the character’s Avoid and their ability to double attack
Lck Luck Affects the character’s Accuracy, Avoid and Critical avoid
Def Defence The character’s physical defence
Res Resistance The character’s magical defence
Mdf Magic Defence
Mov Move The maximum amount of tiles a character can move
Bld Build Affects the character’s Attack Speed and ability to rescue
Con Constitution
Wt Weight Affects the character’s ability to be shoved or rescued
Affin Affinity Determines stat boosts gained from support relationships
Cap Capacity Determines how many Skills a character can equip


Abbrev. Short for Description
Mt Might Affects the amount of damage done
Hit Hit rate Affects the chance of successfully striking an enemy
Crt Critical Affects the chance of performing a critical hit
Wt Weight Affects the Attack Speed of the user
Rng Range The range of tiles where the weapon can be used
Rank Weapon rank The weapon rank required for a character to equip this weapon
Prf Preferential Indicates this weapon can only be used by certain characters
EXP Experience Experience obtained from casting a staff
HP Hit Points Amount of Hit Points required to cast a spell
WEx Weapon EXP Determines how quickly weapon ranks rise
Uses Item uses How many times an item can be used before it breaks