Nations of Akaneia

As well as the royal family, the Kingdom of Akaneia is also comprised of five powerful noble families led by:

  • Marquess Deil, Charon (Midia)
  • Marquess Lefcandith, Cartas
  • Marquess Adria, Lang
  • Marquess Menedy, Noah (Jeorge)
  • Marquess Samsooth, Bent

During the beginning of the War of Shadows, Lang and Bent betrayed the Akaneian royal family. Cartas was caught in the confusion and was unable to send soldiers to protect Akaneia. Charon and Noah were the only ones who fought back, but they were killed by the traitors, leaving both Midia and Jeorge fatherless.

As for the rest, it basically talks about the many countries and regions of the continent. Despite the large amount of text, most of it appears to be things we already know from the games. For those interested, Shiida’s father is called Mostyn, which is also mentioned in Fire Emblem: The Complete, while Marth’s grandfather was called Marius.

Since this page is kind of short, here’s a little bonus (since I don’t know where else to put it).

“Although Jeorge was heir to a powerful noble family of Akaneia, it seems he disliked the life of aristocracy and liked to travel around since an early age.

So his personality is a bit like Levin or maybe it’s actually quite different…”

(Mentioned by Shouzou Kaga on IS’s old FE message boards)