Credits: Yahoo Auction users (images), Fire Emblem at Wikipedia (Japanese)

This page lists most of the notable Fire Emblem merchandise–the majority of which originate from Japan.

If you’re interested in purchasing merchandise, I recommend doing some external research. Whilst the information on this page should be accurate, I wouldn’t want to be held responsible if what you purchased was incorrect or not what you were looking for :).


Fire Emblem G.S.M Nintendo 3

Publisher: Pony Canyon
ID #: PCCB-00029
Description: For FE1.

Fire Emblem Character Theme


Publisher: Columbia Music
ID #: COCA-6675
Description: For FE1.

Toy Music 2 Fire Emblem


Publisher: Toshiba-EMI
ID #: TOTT-5711
Description: For FE1. Although only four tracks are actually from Fire Emblem.

Fire Emblem: The Best Volume 1


Description: Contains music from FE1 and FE2.

Fire Emblem: The Best Volume 2

Description: Contains music from FE3 and FE4.

Monshou no Nazo Sound Memorium


Publisher: Pony Canyon
ID #: PCCG-00250
Description: OST (original soundtrack) for FE3.

Genealogy of Holy War Original Sound Version


Publisher: NTT
ID #: PSCN-505(4, 5, 6)
Description: OST for FE4, contains all the tracks from the game in 3 disks.

Seisen no Keifu Game Music Soundtrack

Publisher: Tokuma Japan Communications
ID #: TKCA-70929
Description: For FE4.

Thracia 776 Original Soundtrack

Publisher: Tokuma Japan Communications
ID #: TKCA-71705
Description: For FE5.

Thracia 776 Rearranged Soundtrack


Publisher: Teichiku Entertainment
ID #: TECD-27448
Description: For FE5.

Thracia 776 Image Theme Song

Publisher: Tokuma Japan Communications
ID #: TKDA-71702
Description: For FE5. Features Blow’in in the wind.

Fuuin no Tsurugi Original Soundtrack


Publisher: Toshiba-EMI
ID #: TOCT-24827
Description: For FE6.

Rekka no Ken Premium Soundtrack


Description: Bundled with pre-ordered copies of FE7 (Japan), contains 5 arranged tracks (Fire Emblem theme, History unveiled, Wind across the Plains, Strike and Eliwood’s theme).

Souen no Kiseki Premium Soundtrack


Description: Bundled with pre-ordered copies of FE9 (Japan), contains 5 tracks straight from the game.

Drama CDs

Fire Emblem: Chapter of Departure


Publisher: Media Works
ID #: ISBN 4-07-300908-7
Description: For FE1.

Ankokuryuu to Hikari no Tsurugi

Publisher: Enix
Description: For FE1. Contains four volumes: The promised land, Fire Emblem, Trails of the wind and Sanctuary of sorcery.

Fire Emblem


Publisher: BMG Japan
ID #: AFCP2016-17
Description: For FE1.