Fire Emblem Anime/OAV


Description: Only two videos were created, which were based on Marth’s story from FE3. The video moves through Chapter 1, a small part of Chapter 2 and reaches the end of Chapter 3. It is assumed the series was discontinued due to budgetting issues or lack of interest.

FE7 Premium Calender


Description: Came bundled with pre-ordered copies of FE7 (Japan). Features character artwork..

FE9 Premium Calender

Description: Came bundled with pre-ordered copies of FE9 (Japan). Mainly features boxart images and 2 scenes from FE9.

Telephone Cards


Description: To be honest, I’m not sure what these are for. These usually have a pretty picture on one side.

Monshou no Nazo Gachapons (Part 2)


Description: Small figurine sets, which include: Jeigan and Cecil, Doga vs General, Linda vs Pirates A and B, Misheil, Oguma vs Pegasus Knight, Pegasus Knight A, Pegasus Knight B, Pegasus Knight C.

Seisen no Keifu Exceed A Generation Figurines


Description: Over 10 years after the release of the game, a set of 7 figurines (Sigurd, Levin, Eltshan, Tiltyu, Sylvia, Fury and Ira) was released on November 2006. The figurines were sold randomly in sealed boxes, with Ira having a secret and hard-to-obtain figurine.

Fire Emblem Trading Card Game

Description: TCG featuring characters from FE4, FE5 and finally FE1/3. Spans 7 series (excluding promotional and SP cards). Contains boosters, starter decks, folders and other things. It was discontinued some time in 2006.