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1) FE1: What is the full name of the “Miracle” (aka Mercury) weapon?

A Miracle Axe
B Miracle Blade
C Miracle Rapier
D Miracle Sword

2) FE2: What is the maximum number of random item drops that can be obtained?

A 10
B 32
C 100
D 255

3) FE3: “Heartless fiends who point their arrows at our holy kingdom, if you wish to step foot inside Akaneia Palace, then you’ll have to kill me first!” Who says this line?

A Astram
B Jeorge
C Midia
D Nering

4) FE4: Which of the following best describes Lenster’s main industry/industries?

A Agriculture
B Agriculture, crafts and fishing
C Fishing and hunting
D Livestock farming

5) FE5: During development, what class was August?

A Bishop
B Dark Mage
C Civilian
D General

6) FE6: Just as Durandal is called the “Blazing Sword”, what special title is Eckesachs also known as?

A Champion’s Sword
B Blade of Legends
C Royal Sword
D Nothing

7) FE7: When a character damages themselves with the Devil Axe and is attacked by a Hand Axe-equipped enemy, the game may hang up. Which of these enemies does not cause this phenomenon?

A Berserker
B Fighter
C Great Lord
D Hero
E Pirate

8) FE7: In the prototype version, what does holding R and B and pressing Select twice do?

A Automatically complete the chapter
B Restore a highlighted character’s items to their maximum amount of Uses
C Move to the next turn of the Player Phase, skipping other Phases
D Open a menu that lets you set the amount of Gold in possession
E Nothing

9) FE8: In this image of the game’s scrolling background, what phrase do the highlighted symbols represent?


10) FE8: If the Demon King’s Nightmare could be equipped, what stat boosts would it bestow?

A Magic +5
B Skill +5
C Defence +5, Resistance +5
D Strength +10, Skill +10, Defence +20, Resistance +10
E Magic +10, Skill +10, Luck +10, Defence +10, Resistance +15

11) FE9: Which of these items will an enemy Thief not attempt to steal?

A Antitoxin
B Coin
C Master Seal
D Occult scroll
E Torch

12) FE9: In the Japanese version, which character other than Ulki is able to learn the Vigilance skill by using the Vigilance scroll?

A Elincia
B Greil
C Janaff
D Naesala
E Sephiran

13) FE10: Which of the following is not an actual Affiliation that a unit belongs to? PAL players, be careful.

A Azure Army
B Central Army
C Fugitive
D Hand
E Reasoners

14) FE10: What was Micaiah’s 3rd Tier class originally, before it became Light Priestess (or Shaman in the Japanese version)?

A Apostle
B Archsage
C Holy Maiden
D Priestess of Dawn
E Priestess of Yune

15) FE DS: What type of enemy will you never encounter in the arena?

A Dark Mage
B Horseman
C Pegasus Knight
D Sage
E Thief

16) FE DS: Originally, it was planned so that Marth could issue Orders, like in the Tellius games. Which of these was not an Order he could use?

A Attack—Order units to attack nearby enemies
B Avoid—Order units to stay out of enemy range
C Follow—Order units to stay with Marth
D Protect—Order units to protect Marth
E Target—Order units to move to target area

17) FE DS2: Without hacking, describe a situation where you can deal over 90 damage in a single non-critical hit. A bonus point if you can find the highest possible damage.


18) FE DS2: Despite there not being a remake, there are still one or two vague references to Fire Emblem: Gaiden in this game. Which item from Gaiden is mentioned in the dialogue?

A Angel Ring
B Holy Ring
C Magic Ring
D Prayer Ring
E Speed Ring

19) General: In which continent will you find the Great Wall of Ivelt?

A Akaneia
B Barensia
C Jugdral
D Tellius
E The continent from the new Fire Emblem on 3DS

20) General: Who is the character in this image and which game is this image from? You may need to think outside the box…