Level 3


Q.1 What is the correct Japanese spelling of Fire Emblem?

A Faiyaaemuburemu
B Faiaaenburemu
C Faiaaemuburemu

Q.2 In which year was FE’s first release, Dark Dragon and Sword of Light, released?

A 1990
B 1995
C 2005

Q.3 Who was the hero of Dark Dragon and Sword of Light?

A Link
B Marth
C Mario

Q.4 Which of these is a Class in FE?

A Lord
B White Mage
C Wanderer

Q.5 What elements does FE’s weapon triangle consist of?

A Snake, Frog, Slug
B Paper, Rock, Scissors
C Sword, Lance, Axe

Q.6 What kind of sisters are these FE characters?

A Pegasus sisters
B Villager sisters
C Mage sisters

Q.7 Which of these is a continent in FE?

A America
B Akaneia
C Atlantis

Q.8 What is the name of this Mercenary?

A Ogma
B Wario
C Kooper

Q.9 Which of these isn’t a FE weapon?

A Iron Sword
B Boomerang
C Steel Axe

Q.10 Which of these can be used to recover HP?

A Heal Staff
B Sleep Staff
C Broken Staff

Q.11 What is the subtitle of the Wii FE game released on 22nd February 2007 (in Japan)?

A Goddess of Freedom
B Goddess of Dawn
C Goddess of Victory

Q.12 Who is the heroine of that game?

A Himiko
B Micaiah
C Peach

Q.13 Which of these do not appear in FE?

A Armoury
B Arena
C Casino

Q.14 What game genre is FE?

A Action
B Strategy RPG
C Shooting

Q.15 Which of these is not a FE item?

A Vulnerary
B Chest Key
C Mushroom

Q.16 What new system does the 4th game, Genealogy of the Holy War, use?

A Love system
B Solar system
C Intelligent system

Q.17 Which game preceded the first Gameboy Advance FE?

A Sword of Seals
B Thracia 776
C Blazing Sword

Q.18 Which of these terrain does not appear in FE?

A Plains and mountains
B Castle indoors
C Industrial roads

Q.19 What are the Mamkutes/Manaketes that feature in FE?

A Dragon tribe
B Superhuman tribe
C Monster tribe

Q.20 Which of these is not a type of magical attack in FE?

A Fire magic
B Water magic
C Thunder magic