Credits: Arteris



English name Farina
Japanese name ファリナ (Farina)
Class Peg. Knight → Falcon Knight
Title The Great Wing
Age 10’s
Country Ilia
Relations Florina, Fiora (sisters)

Official Artwork


Farina is a gold-crazed mercenary from Ilia. She serves as a member of Ilia’s 3rd wing of Pegasus Knights at a pay-level of 4,000 gold, though Farina tricks Hector into hiring her for 20,000 gold.


During the battle with Pascal, one of the former Four Fangs of the Black Fang, Farina first appears over the mountains to the southeast and seeks out Hector. She asks Hector if he will hire her at a wage of 20,000 gold and Hector can either accept or deny her offer. If he accepts, she joins the army in its efforts to defeat Nergal and the Black Fang.

Farina is completely and utterly obsessed with gold and discovers she is the highest paid fighter in the army. The pirate Dart describes her as “stupid for cash.” Although Farina is always in pursuit of more money, she’s generous with the money she has, offering to help her older sister Fiora pay off a loan and giving money to the fighter Dorcas to help his wife Natalie. Farina also has a carefree and jocular personality and is somewhat of a feminist.

In her younger years, Farina was nearly killed with her battalion during a training exercise, but was rescued by Fiora. Once she became a full-fledged pegasus knight, Farina flew off abruptly and unexpectedly, leaving her sisters and embarking on her own quest for fame, and of course, money.

Farina is the middle child of the three pegasus sisters. In the past, she squabbled with her older sister Fiora, who Farina sees as too uptight about her duties and responsibilities. She takes some pleasure in teasing her younger sister by telling embarrassing stories about Florina during festival times.

During the war, Farina becomes friends with Dorcas, going so far as to even give him tips on how to make more money. Farina gives Dorcas some extra gold to help his sick wife, Natalie, and she says he can keep it as a gift. But when Dorcas says he will eventually pay it back and more, she gets excited.

Farina also befriends the traveling swordmaster Karla during their travels. While Karla explains that she comes from a world run by men, Farina explains that Ilian women like herself are the ones with the power. Farina encourages Karla to make her own way, and even suggests traveling with the swordsmaster as a mercenary after the war – at pay-split of 60/40 of course.

There are three potential pairings for Farina throughout the story: Hector, Dart, and Kent. If not paired, after the war, Farina becomes commander of the Pegasus Knights of Ilia and earns fame and high wages.

When Farina meets Kent, she thinks of him as too stiff and dutiful like her sister Fiora. Although complete opposites, the two always seem to end up near one another, prompting Farina to believe it’s some sort of conspiracy. If paired, after the war, Kent resigns his service to Caelin and travels to Ilia to be with Farina. Together, they travel the world together as mercenaries.

Upon meeting Dart, Farina becomes interested in his quest to find the treasure of the legendary pirate king Han Gak. Although Dart wants to find it just so he can rebury it for the fame and adventure, Farina swears to find the 100 million jackpot first. Farina falls in love with Dart following the war, flirting with him often at Badon.

With Hector, the Ostian corners Farina and asks again about her wages, discovering that she really only should have been paid at a level of 4,000 gold. Hector, however, softens up to Farina, taking an interest in her well-being. If paired together in the end, they wed and Farina becomes the marchioness of Ostia and the mother of Hector’s daughter, Lilina.