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English name Fiora
Japanese name フィオーラ (Fiōra)
Class Peg. Knight → Falcon Knight
Title Wing-borne Warrior
Age 10’s
Country Ilia
Relations Florina, Farina (sisters)

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Fiora is a disciplined and dutiful mercenary from Ilia. She served as the commander of the Fifth Wing of Ilia’s Pegasus Knights before they were slaughtered on the Dread Isle of Valor, after which she joined Eliwood’s group.


Fiora first appears when Eliwood and his army arrives on the Dread Isle. Maddened by the death of her wing of Pegasus knights, who were ambushed and slaughtered by the Black Fang, Fiora vows to avenge her fallen knights, even if it leads to her death. She is met by her sister, Florina, who calms her down and asks her to join Eliwood and the others as they battle the Black Fang.

It is later revealed in conversations that she and her wing of knights were sent to Valor by Pent, County Reglay of Etruria, who apologizes for her losses, saying he should not have sent them without better intelligence on the situation.

Fiora has an utmost sense of duty and encourages her sisters to never default on a contract. She is described as similar in personality to the Caelin knight, Kent. The only thing she holds in higher regard than her duty is her younger sisters, Farina and Florina. She once suffered a huge penalty fee when she broke a contract, leaving her own mission to rush to the rescue of Farina, who was in danger during a training mission. However, she encourages Florina to never quit a mission she has taken, even if she’s not sure she will survive it.

As the oldest of the three sisters, she deeply cares for her younger siblings. Although she used to bicker with Farina, they both apologize for the way they have acted and come to a mutual respect for one another. Fiora is very protective of Florina, although she pulls back when she sees how strong her youngest sister has become.

As the war progresses, Fiora is reacquainted with the warrior Geitz, who she met years ago when a merchant ship captained by his father brought food to the people of Ilia after bitter weather withered the nation’s crops.

There are three potential husbands for Fiora throughout the story: Eliwood, Kent, and Sain.

Sain takes an interest in Fiora and swears to protect her, but she rebuffs his attempts and claims she won’t need his help. However, Sain continues his devoted service to protect her, even taking ill during the middle of the battle and passing out. As he recovers, Fiora acknowledges and respects him as a true knight. If they are paired, after the war she meets with the cavalier from time to time, and when Sain resigns his service at Caelin, he moves to Ilia and weds her.

In her pairing with Kent, the two commanders discuss the immorality of the men and women fraternizing with each other in the army, but ironically fall in love with each other. When Caelin is put under the protection of Ostia, Kent leaves to Ilia and marries Fiora.

With Eliwood, the two discuss the hardships of being an Ilian mercenary and Fiora’s devotion to protecting her sisters. Eliwood encourages her to take time to find her own happiness despite the hardships of duty and family. If they are paired, Fiora becomes the mother of Roy, the protagonist of the game’s sequel, Sword of Seals.