Credits: Dark Valamor



English name Florina
Japanese name フロリーナ (Furorīna)
Class Peg. Knight → Falcon Knight
Title Pegasus Knight
Age 10’s
Country Ilia
Relations Fiora, Farina (sisters)

Official Artwork


Florina is a timid and frail, yet loyal, pegasus knight of Ilia. After being knighted, she joined Lyndis’s mercenary group to further her training, and would do anything to stay by Lyndis’s side. She is very uncomfortable around men, making it difficult for each male in the group to get close to her.


Florina makes her first appearance in the story after Lyn, Kent, and Sain stumble across a ruined village attacked by the Taliver bandits. Florina, in a search for villagers who know of Lyn’s whereabouts, accidentally lands her pegasus on one of the Taliver bandits. She attempts to apologize, but rather than listening, the bandits begin to bully her. They talk amongst themselves about selling her and her pegasus, Huey. Lyn later notices Huey, and eventually Florina. Florina then joins Lyn, Kent, and Sain in a battle against the bandits.

Though her outward appearance suggests otherwise, Florina proves to be a competent and loyal warrior. She joins Lyn and the rest of the
“Lyndis’s Legion” on their quest to Caelin to relinquish Lyn’s birthright from her uncle, Lord Lundgren. Upon the end of this quest, Florina stays in Caelin to further her training. She is then not mentioned until Marquess Lau’s attack on Castle Caelin.

Florina’s fear of men allows for some comedy relief in her support conversations with Hector, the only male she supports with. In which, Florina attempts to thank Hector for saving her when she fell from her pegasus while seeking Eliwood’s aid back in Caelin. At first, she can’t bring herself to say a word to Hector, let alone to reveal who she was. She even practices on what she is to say to Hector when she thanks him, but Hector overhears and interupts her, causing her to run away nervously. Eventually, Huey grabs Hector by the arm and drags him to Florina and Florina finally gathers up the courage to thank Hector, although Hector teases her by pretending not to know what she is thanking him for.

Florina’s support conversations with Serra show Florina’s personality best. Florina reveals to Serra that she admires Serra’s personality and wants to learn to become more like her. The reason being, Florina feels that her fear of men takes away from her usefulness in battle. Serra tells Florina that she needs more confidence and to treat people as bugs, rather than equals. Next, she starts ordering Florina to adjust her posture, but in ways that Florina seems to find painful. After some time passes, Florina admits that she just cannot be like Serra and, in the end, they decide to become friends.

Florina is rarely, if not ever, mentioned in the story after reclaiming Castle Caelin. However, in the epilogue, if she is unpaired, she simply returns to Ilia after Ostia gains control over Caelin. If paired with Lyn, though, she travels to Sacae with Lyn before returning. If paired with Hector, he and Florina go to Ostia, where they are married and Florina aids him in becoming a good leader.