Credits: Seb



English name Guy
Japanese name ギィ (Gi)
Class Myrmidon → Swordmaster
Title Mounted Swordsman
Age 15 *1
Country Sacae

*1: In the prototype version

Official Artwork


Guy is a young Sacaen man who left his tribe, the Kutolah, because he was never good with a bow and a terrible hunter. However he had a good sword arm, so he started traveling the world to grow stronger, to defend his tribe and his mother.


The first time Guy appears is at Santaraz, Lord Helman’s realm. Guy joins with the enemies to earn money, to prevent being in the same situation that he was in when he was traveling in Caelin. Back then, Guy hadn’t eaten for ten days and was on the verge of starving to death. By some fortune, he found Matthew cooking a meal, although Matthew wasn’t willing to share without something in return. It was only after Guy promised one favor for each piece of meat that Matthew gave four of his pieces of meat to him. Because of these favors, Guy is coerced by Matthew into joining Eliwood and Hector’s army.

During a battle, Guy ends up lost and Rath helps him return to the group. Speaking with Rath, Guy discovers that Rath was the son of his chieftain and the two become fast friends. When Karel joins the army, Guy realises that he’s the infamous Sword Demon and requests for him to teach him the ways of the sword. At first Karel refuses, but he later agrees to train Guy. Not long afterwards, Karel tells Guy that their training is over and eventually they reach a promise to duel in a year’s time. Guy also falls in love with Priscilla, but her prominent background prevents him from being together with her in the end.

After the war reaches its end, Guy leaves to continue his quest to become the finest swordsman of all Sacae. His swordsmanship was so perfected that all called him the “Saint of Swords”.