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English name Lloyd Reed
Japanese name ロイド・リーダス (Roido Rīdasu)
Class Swordmaster
Title White Wolf
Age 20’s
Country Bern
Relations Brendan (father), Linus (brother)
Sonia (stepmother)
Nino (stepsister)

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Lloyd Reed, also known as the White Wolf, is one of the assassins of an organization known as the Black Fang. He is the eldest son of the Commander, Brendan Reed and he has a younger brother Linus, an Uncle Jan, a stepmother Sonia, and a younger stepsister Nino. He’s also good friends with Legault and Uhai who are also Black Fang assassins.


Lloyd was one of the first members of the Black Fang and, since the beginning, one of the prestigious Four Fangs. He always carries out the law of the Black Fang and never questioned his orders as long as he receives them from his father. He dislikes his stepmother, Sonia, but he treats Nino like a younger sister. He is one of the best assassins of the Fang and always wondered if he could even defeat Jaffar, the Angel of Death, who is feared for his skill among the Black Fang. Lloyd is also quite handsome, according to Legault, while Nino once said that he is mature, kind, reliable, and dashing.

His most recent target is Eliwood, who his brother Linus and he later find in Bern. Upon spotting Eliwood, one of the brothers heads back to the headquarters to inform their father. If Lloyd leaves, he finds his brother dead when he returns. Believing it to be Eliwood’s doing, he promises to avenge his brother’s death and tells him that he’ll be joining him soon. If Linus leaves instead, then Lloyd attempts to lure Eliwood’s army to a fort in the north. However, he underestimates them and gets defeated. Lloyd is shown mercy by Eliwood, but he takes the opportunity to get behind Eliwood and tells the others that he has no plans of leaving with a hostage and will kill Eliwood. Eliwood then tells him that Uhai spoke the same words and Lloyd then learns that his friend Uhai helped Eliwood just before his death and realizes that Eliwood might not be evil. He suspects Sonia to be the mastermind behind all this and releases Eliwood, telling him that he will not punish him until he gets his answers. He refuses to give his name and, before leaving, warns them to watch out for Sonia. Shortly afterwards, he is killed by a surprise attack from Limstella, one of Nergal’s morphs. Limstella remarks that Lloyd possesses strong quintessence.

If Lloyd survives, he goes to the entrance of the Shrine of Seals and waits for Eliwood to come so that he can finally avenge his brother. He tells Nino that he has no choice and asks her to kill him and not to look back. Lloyd tells Legault that it doesn’t matter if Eliwood’s army isn’t responsible for Linus’s death. As long as he believes they are, he’ll fight them. In the end Lloyd is defeated. He dies an honorable death and finally gets to join his brother.