Credits: Wist



English name Sain
Japanese name セイン (Sein)
Class Cavalier → Paladin
Title The Green Lance
Age 20’s
Country Lycia

Official Artwork


Sain is an overconfident but dedicated green-haired cavalier in the employ of Lycia’s House Caelin. He travels and fights alongside his close friend and fellow knight, Kent. Sain is overdramatic and known by all to be a prolific womaniser, but despite his theatrics he is unwavering in his duty as a knight of Caelin.


Sain is first seen at the advent of Chapter 1 in the Sacean city, Bulgar, trying to flatter Lady Lyndis. She takes her leave in disgust, but not before Sain’s comrade, Kent, realizes that the girl is the same person whom the two are searching for, Marquis Caelin’s granddaughter. They chase after her in time to help her defend against an ambush. Sain’s brash nature is immediately brought to light at the start of the battle. He claims it’s more exalting to fight with a lance than a sword, but this is only an excuse for his having neglected to purchase a sword whilst in the city. Kent convinces Sain to borrow one of his swords and the first three members of Lyn’s Mercenaries proceed to a quick victory.

While Sain presents himself audaciously, the thespian knight is resolute in his fealty towards Caelin. He provides relevant knowledge of Lycian lands, and continues to aid Lyndis as she gathers an army and ultimately claims her birthright from her deranged uncle, Lord Lundgren. After Lundgren’s defeat, Sain is promoted to subcommander under Kent.

Sain is not again mentioned in the story until the chapter Noble Lady of Caelin. Sain, and the rest of Lyn’s Mercenaries who remained in Caelin, fight alongside Eliwood’s army to recover the besieged territory. He remains with Eliwood’s army for the remainder of the story, opening the way for many entertaining support conversations.

Sain combines his incomparable mannerisms with a formal speech register to humourous effect, but his indiscriminate pursuit of all women makes him a suspicious conversation partner. Serra is unafraid to vocalise her observation that Sain flirts with every woman he comes across, and Rebecca recalls Lady Lyndis having noted that same behavior. Priscilla’s experiences with the jocose knight involve a number of dubious injuries he begs her to heal, and Fiora is let privy to the fact that Sain has memorised the name of every woman in the army. Sain is definitely memorable as a peculiar amalgamation of duty and womanising.

Sain is scarcely referenced after his assimilation into Eliwood’s army, but the epilogue states that Sain retains his knightly obligations after Nergal’s defeat. He remains in Caelin until Lady Lyndis abdicates her rule to House Ostia. If Sain remains unpaired by the end of the story, he opts to become an independent knight after Caelin’s dissolution. If he is paired Fiora or Rebecca, he instead chooses to marry after Ostia accepts command of Caelin.