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English name Sophia
Japanese name ソフィーヤ (Sofīya)
Class Shaman → Druid
Title Prophet of Nabata
Country Missur

Official Artwork


Sophia is a priestess who resides in the hidden, utopian village of Nabata. Although she appears human, she possesses draconic blood, which allows her to sense other dragons and grants her a prolonged lifetime. She also has the ability to see into the future, although her visions are usually murky. Sophia pauses often when speaking and is shy in front of others, which is unsurprising since she lived in such an isolated place.


In Blazing Sword

Sophia makes a brief cameo appearance, as Eliwood and Hector head for their final battle at Valor, the Dread Isle. When someone visits a particular set of ruins, she suddenly appears and asks if Archsage Athos is present. As Athos is not around at that point, Sophia apologises for her mistake and offers the visitor a Talisman. She then tells them not to give up, for the future of the continent, and swiftly disappears. Compared to in Sword of Seals, her appearance is virtually the same, although she is slightly shorter and her colours appear more washed out. The latter, coupled with the expression that many characters have when meeting her, suggest that she might have been communicating using a projection.

In Sword of Seals

Twenty years later, during their invasion of Elibe, the Kingdom of Bern discover the hidden village of Arcadia, deep within the Nabata desert, and mount a surprise attack upon it. Their forces are outnumbered, but they manage to capture a citizen of Arcadia, Sophia. Sophia is taken to an old castle to the west of the Missur peninsula, where she is confined to await further interrogation. Around the same time, Cecilia’s troops capture the castle and use it as a stronghold in their battle against Bern and the Etrurian turncoats. Eventually Cecilia faces off against Zephiel, the king of Bern, and is defeated. Bern then proceeds to recapture the castle and Cecilia is confined in the same prison cell as Sophia.

After time passes, Cecilia wakes up and discovers that her wounds had been treated to, although crudely, by Sophia. Sophia tells her not to worry about their difficult situation, because a “light” will soon come to save them. When asked who she is, Sophia states that she is a priestess from Arcadia and that she will explain more later. As Sophia foretold, help eventually comes in the form of Roy and the Allied Army. Sophia then keeps her promise and tells Roy and Cecilia about herself. She explains that she comes from Arcadia, the legendary village where human and dragons co-exist. It seems Bern found out about the village and attacked it, and Sophia was caught as a consequence. Sophia then pleads to Roy to save Arcadia, and Roy accepts to show his gratitude for helping Cecilia. Sophia then leads the Allied Army towards Arcadia and accompanies them in their forthcoming battle as well.

If the Allied Army reaches Arcadia in time, Sophia senses that the village’s divine weapon is still safe and directs the army to the temple where it rests. Inside the temple, she explains that Archsage Athos, of the Eight Legends, was the one who stumbled upon the temple and that his divine weapon was hidden here. When Roy wonders if it’s alright to use his weapon, Sophia states that Athos had given them permission to use his weapon to protect Arcadia. After defeating Bern’s forces within the temple and reaching the divine weapon’s altar, Sophia tells Roy that only citizens of Arcadia can unlock the altar so she obtains the divine weapon, Forblaze, for him. With the battles at Missur over, Sophia’s presence in the story disappears, although she contines to fight within the Allied Army.

Although Sophia hasn’t had much contact with the outside world, she believes that the people in the Allied Army are mostly good people. When speaking with Igraine, she comments about wanting to be friends with the outside people and hopes that one day humans and dragons can live together in harmony, just like in Arcadia. In the Allied Army, she is approached by Ray, who wonders what spell books she uses, but she initially pushes him aside when he tries to get close. Afterwards, she offers him a rare dark tome, and later explains that she gave it to him because she believes that deep down he has a kind heart. Niime also takes an interest in Sophia, and asks her many questions about herself and her village. In the end, Niime remarks that Sophia is actually a strong person and is very much like Niime herself in the past.

Besides her friends in Arcadia, the most important person to Sophia is possibly Roy. In their supports, Sophia worries about him because she senses a bad omen. She tells Roy that it might be a good idea to stay away from the front lines to be on the safe side, but Roy states that he cannot because of his trust for his allies. Later, she apologises for causing needless bother to Roy. However, Roy thanks Sophia instead, saying that he could have gotten seriously hurt if he hadn’t taken her advice, and encourages her to continue warning him. Eventually, Sophia confesses that her foresight is weak and that she doesn’t want Roy to get hurt because of it. He tells her not to worry, promising that he’ll try not to rely on her powers too much and explains that her happiness is more important to him than her powers will ever be.

Once the war comes to an end, Sophia returns to Nabata and is unheard from again. However, if paired with Roy, she instead accompanies him back to Pherae and marries him later. Afterwards, as the lord’s wife, her wise decisions played an important role in the reconstruction of Lycia.