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English name Alvis
Japanese name アルヴィス (Aruvisu)
Class Sage → Emperor
Country Velthomer
Relations Victor (father), Azel (brother)

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Alvis is one of the main antagonists in Genealogy of the Holy War. He is an heir of the crusader Fala. Alvis is the youngest of the heads of houses at the beginning of the game. The only family Alvis seems to have is Azel, and he seems to usually keep a firm eye on his brother. Azel, however, is scared of Alvis. Both Lex and later Yuria describe Alvis as a kind man.


Alvis is one of the key parts in Manfroy’s plan for the resurrection of the Loputo Empire. This is because Alvis’s mother Cigyun was the only known living descendant of the Loputo Empire’s royalty, which means that Alvis has the blood of Loputo in his body. Manfroy knows that if Alvis has a child with his half-sister the child will be able to be possessed by Loputousu through the Book of Loputo.



Alvis has a troubled childhood. His father Victor, who is head of Velthomer, has affairs with many women and fathers many bastard children. Alvis’s mother Cigyun has to live with this. Because of his father’s ”lady friends”, Alvis later ends up having a grudge against women in general for maybe the rest of his life. An exception is his mother’s maid, who is raped and impregnated by Victor. The maid later gives birth to Azel.

The situation peaks when it is revealed that Cigyun has an affair with Kurth, the Prince of Grandbell. Victor kills himself when he finds out, and Cigyun runs away. Thus Alvis becomes an orphan and head of Velthomer at the age of 7. Though he doesn’t know it, he is helped a lot by Prince Kurth. Alvis has all his father’s mistresses exiled, except for Azel’s mother. Meanwhile, Cigyun gives birth to Diadora in the Spirit Forest and dies during labour.

The schemes

At an unknown time, Alvis has a child with Aida. Cyas is born as the new heir of Fala, but he is kept in hiding.

Some time, probably before the prologue of Genealogy of the Holy War, Manfroy confronts Alvis with knowing of his Loputo heritage. Manfroy starts blackmailing Alvis, as people with the blood of Loputo are burned at the stakes. Alvis and Manfroy start scheming to take control of the whole continent, using people like Leptor and Langobalt to fulfill their plans. It is not shown exactly how much of the plans are made on Alvis’s own accord and how much he is forced into by Manfroy, but he seems to have accepted Manfroy with time.

Alvis and Manfroy manage to get rid of the heads of all the other duchies, and with Manfroy’s help he marries Diadora, who turns out to be the heir of the throne. All other nations except Thracia fall in war, and when King Azmur dies Alvis becomes emperor of the Grandbell Empire. Not too long after Alvis becomes emperor, Diadora bears his children, Yuria and Yurius.

As Emperor

For the first years of the Grandbell Empire, Alvis is a just ruler and no big problems seem to arise. But with time Manfroy and the loptists grow in position and influence. One day, many years after Alvis’s coronation, Manfroy shows the Book of Loputo to Yurius. This turns the boy into a near demonic human who, at once, tries to kill Yuria. Diadora manages to save Yuria, but is killed by Yurius shortly afterwards.

From that time, Yurius starts to gain more and more control of the empire. By year 776, the start of Thracia 776, the people in most parts of the continent are suffering under the rule of local leaders. Manfroy and Yurius are ordering large-scale child sacrifices. Alvis seems to not know too much of what is going on, and what he does know he fails in preventing.

When Celice’s liberation army is getting close to Grandbell, Alvis acknowledges that he has lost control. After Celice conquers Miletos, Alvis gives the Tailfing to a bishop and tells the bishop to run away with it, hinting the bishop to give it to Celice. Manfroy then threathens to kill Yuria if Alvis doesn’t follow Yurius’s orders. Alvis is killed by the liberation army a short time afterwards. Celice doesn’t learn that he got the Tailfing because of Alvis.


Manfroy’s blackmail isn’t Alvis’s only motivation for the things he do. Though he lets the Loputo worshippers roam free, he clearly has no intention of rebuilding the old Loputo Empire. Alvis has a genuine concern for the continent he rules over. He wants to create a world without prejudice, and sees the opportunity to lessen conflicts between peoples by uniting them in the same empire. He respects Sigurd more than he respects Leptor and Langobalt, but he thinks of Sigurd as a sacrifice he is willing to make.