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English name Fin
Japanese name フィン (Fin)
Class Lance Knight → Duke Knight
Title The Legendary Lance Knight
Age 15 (in FE4 1st Gen.)
35 (in FE4 2nd Gen.)
Country Lenster

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Fin is playable in both halves of Geneaology of Holy War and in Thracia 776, and in both games he promotes from Lance Knight to Duke Knight.

Fin is a man who we see grow from a loyal young lance knight to a father figure to one of the liberators of the Thracian Peninsula. Fin is part of Sigurd’s army in Verdane and Agustria, he is a high-ranking knight in Lenster and he plays an essential role in both Leaf’s and Celice’s liberation armies.

Fin is known for putting his loyalty to his superiors above his personal life. He has been scolded for being cold towards women.


Fin is first seen when approaching Chalphy along with Cuan and Ethlin to aid in pushing back the neighbouring country Verdane’s invasion. At that time he is an inexperienced young Lenster knight, loyal to Prince Cuan. Fin follows Cuan during the war against Agustria, for which he is given the Hero Lance by the prince. Cuan tells Fin that he appreciates Fin as a knight of Lenster. After Sigurd’s army flees to Silesia, Fin joins Cuan and Ethlin back to Lenster as they plan on returning with reinforcements. During his time with Sigurd’s army, Fin may or may not find a lover and father two children.

When Cuan and Ethlin leave Lenster with a large portion of the town’s army, Fin stays in Lenster to aid in the defences in case of a Thracian attack and to take care of the young Prince Leaf. After the Battle of Barhara, Princess Lachesis comes to Fin. According to Genealogy of the Holy War, her daughter Nanna is born before she comes to Lenster, while the Thracia 776 Illustrated Works claim she was born afterwards. When the attack from Thracia eventually comes and the king is killed, Fin flees the city and takes Lachesis and Leaf with him. They spend years running from both Thracia and the new Grandbell Empire, hiding among others in the towns Alster and Tahra. During this time Lachesis leaves Fin to go look for her son Delmud, and Fin has to raise both Leaf and Nanna alone.

Eventually Fin, Nanna and Leaf reach Fiana Village where they are allowed to stay in safety. Here, Fin and eventually Leaf join the Fiana Militia. The peace of the village is broken when Leidrick of Manster attacks in an attempt to find Prince Leaf. This sets in motion what is to become Leaf’s war for liberation, where Fin stays at Leaf’s side for almost the entire time. During that time, Fin meets with friends he had had in Lenster, among them Glade, Selphina and Dorias. Fin is present at the liberation of Lenster and among the soldiers staying there protecting the city for the following six months.

After Celice’s and Leaf’s armies merge, Fin stays by Leaf’s side. According to Thracia 776, Fin goes with Leaf directly to Manster, while Celice takes the northern route. Meanwhile in Genealogy of the Holy War, Leaf, Fin and Nanna already join Celice’s army at Alster. Later, Fin is the one to point out that Altenna is probably Leaf’s sister.

After the events of Geneaology of Holy War, Fin leaves Prince Leaf and goes to fulfill an unknown personal agenda. There are later rumours of him being spotted looking for someone in the Yied Desert, in the same area where Lachesis had been supposed to pass through years before only to never be seen again.