Credits: VincentASM



English name Linoan
Japanese name リノアン (Rinoan)
Class Sister → Sage
Title The Lone Flower of Tahra
Age Around 15
Country Thracia

Official Artwork


Linoan is the young mayor of the free city of Tahra. She is a brave woman with a strong sense of responsibility


Linoan’s father, the duke of Tahra, was one of many Thracian rulers who harboured Prince Leaf and his close friends following the Fall of Lenster. It was because of his actions that he was eventually executed and Tahra was taken by the Grandbell Empire.

The Empire’s rule over Tahra had always been terrible, but one day they started the child hunts. The citizens of Tahra could stand it no more; they elected Linoan as the new mayor and raised a rebellion. They hired mercenaries to fight and bribed the most powerful of the imperial nobles in order to win their freedom. However, King Blume, commander of the imperial soldiers at Thracia, did not approve of their actions and ordered the imperial army to surround Thracia. The mercenaries all left in fear of the Empire’s might, leaving Tahra in a dire situation. In hope of saving Tahra, Linoan made the decision to send her closest friend, Saphy, to search for help.

By chance, Saphy was able to meet Prince Leaf and explain to him about Tahra’s situation. Leaf is startled to hear how bad things are and promises to hurry to Tahra’s aid. When Leaf finally meets Linoan at Tahra, he apologises to her for not coming sooner and for his part in causing her father’s death. Linoan is not at all angry, as she knew that her father had made his resolve as soon as he let Leaf into Tahra’s walls. She was proud of her father for being unafraid to sacrifice his life to forge a better world. Even though his death pained her, as did the Empire’s oppression, Linoan was able to continue living, hoping to meet with Leaf once again. However, now that Tahra is in grave danger, Linoan doesn’t know what to do. Leaf tells her not to worry and vows to protect her and the city.

Prior to the battle of Tahra, Linoan speaks to Eda about her past. She explains that, after her father’s death, their mansion was confiscated and she was forced to live under strict supervision for two years. At the time, the acting ruler of Tahra constantly threatened her to reveal the whereabouts of Prince Leaf. However, Dean came to watch over her. He protected Linoan from the Empire’s assassins and cheered her up whenever she started breaking down. Linoan always thought Dean was some well-known mercenary and it wasn’t until later that she discovered he was actually sent by Prince Areone of Thracia, her fiance.

After Leaf’s army successfully drives away the imperial soldiers from Tahra, Linoan is visited by Areone. He suggests that Tahra should surrender, otherwise they will be defeated by his father’s Thracian army or, worse, the Loputo Cult’s elite mages, the Schwarze Rosen. He tells her that Thracia will occupy Tahra and protect it from the Empire. Linoan accepts Areone’s proposition, but says that she will leave along with Leaf. She says that it is for the best and that she will return once the Empire has been defeated. Hesitating for a moment, Areone agrees with Linoan’s idea and lets her go.

Later on, Linoan stumbles upon a church where she is met by an elderly bishop, who happens to be an old friend of her father’s. The bishop mentions how Linoan resembles her mother. He then surprises Linoan, explaining that she possesses holy blood, as the rulers of Tahra are descended from Heim the Crusader. Linoan follows the bishop, who awakens the blood of Narga within her, and she promotes to a Sage.

Once the Empire is defeated and the war comes to an end, Linoan returns to Tahra and spends her life rebuilding her ruined hometown. Eventually Tahra became an even more prosperous city than before and aided Leaf in his development of the New Kingdom of Thracia. Despite her beauty, Linoan never married.