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English name Reinhardt
Japanese name ラインハルト (Rainharuto)
Class Mage Knight
Country Freege
Relations Olwen (sister)

Official Artwork


Reinhardt Schutaeze is a general of Freege, a Dukedom of the Grandbell Empire. He was born a noble and became a general at a very young age. Some people refer to him as the second coming of the Holy Warrior Tordo. He also has a younger sister, Olwen, who looks up to him. Reinhardt was Princess Ishtar’s personal guard ever since she was a child and is her first in command of the Gelpritter squad, a group of elite Mage Knights that protect the princess. He was given the Holy Sword from her, which became his most treasured sword. It is possible that he has some feelings for his princess. Kempf, a general of similar status, is jealous of Reinhardt’s fame and sees him as a rival. However, Reinhardt doesn’t see it the same way, making Kempf despise him even more.


After the fall of Fort Norden, Prince Leaf and his Liberation Army were approaching Lenster Castle, ready to take it back. Reinhardt and his Gelpritter were ordered to attack the army from the rear. With the genius tactician Cyas directing them, there was no way Lenster Castle was going to fall. However, Reinhardt noticed that Princess Ishtar was acting strange and became worried about her. He followed her to Conote, leaving Muler in charge of the Gelpritter temporarily. There, Reinhardt discovered that Prince Yurius was suffering from a very high fever and was getting worse. Reinhardt accompanied the princess to Lenster where she asked Bishop Cyas to come to Conote and help Yurius. Cyas’s departure ultimately caused Prince Leaf to succeed in taking Lenster Castle.

Shortly after that, Lord Barat began to lead a Freege army in order to reclaim Lenster Castle from the rebels. Within half a year, Leaf’s Liberation Army was eventually driven to a corner of the castle. Reinhardt came in to check on Barat’s progress. He advised Barat to speed up since King Blume was unhappy that Lenster still wasn’t recaptured. The king was deeply saddened at the loss of his son, Ishtor. He was currently defending Alster and if the Isaac Rebellion Army reached it, he would call Barat. So Reinhardt told Barat to make sure Lenster was captured by then.

Meanwhile, Prince Yurius suspected that Reinhardt had feelings for Princess Ishtar. He didn’t want anyone to take Ishtar from him so he told Ishtar to get rid of Reinhardt. Ishtar said that she needed him since he had been her guard for a very long time. Yurius said he doesn’t care and told her that he’s going to kill Reinhardt the next time he sees him. Ishtar then agreed to get rid of him but begged Yurius to spare his life. She told Reinhardt to leave since she was safe with Yurius.

Instead of returning to Freege, Reinhardt went to the Great River of Thracia, a major defense point, to look for his sister, Olwen. There he met Bishop Cyas who said he heard that Olwen turned against them and joined Leaf. Reinhardt said that Olwen is still a child and is only being manipulated. She would understand if he could just talk to her. Cyas told him that Olwen has grown up and won’t be following her brother’s footsteps forever. Either way, Cyas agreed that Reinhardt should talk to her.

When Reinhardt met Olwen in the battle, he told her that he was glad to see her safe. He asked her to come home to Freege but Olwen refused to leave until all the kidnapped children were safe. Reinhardt didn’t want to lose his only sister but Olwen already made her own decision. She told him that even he can’t change her mind and would even fight him if he stood in her path. Reinhardt realized that she really had grown up and gave her one last gift. He gave his prized Holy Sword to her as a farewell gift. He then warned her that he’ll show no mercy when they meet again. However, he was eventually defeated by Leaf’s Liberation Army. If he survives, he leaves and is never seen again.