Credits: VincentASM



English name Sara
Japanese name サラ (Sara)
Class Sister → Sage
Title Girl of Tragic Fate
Age 12
Relations Manfroy (grandfather)

Official Artwork


Sara is a mysterious young girl; the granddaughter of the Loputo Cult’s Archbishop Manfroy. She is a typically childish young girl, who gets bored easily and doesn’t like being a nuisance. She carries a sad and lonely air, evident from her sombre theme song and death quote.


Sara joins Leaf’s liberation army when they are on their way to liberate Lenster. If passing through Fort Nohrden, Sara can be recruited by entering the church with any character. When recruited, she seems happy to join the liberation army. Meanwhile, the bishop of the church comments that Sara mumbles strange things often and is quite the odd girl.

If passing through the Melfille forest, Sara initially appears as as enemy and can be recruited by Leaf. In her first appearance, she is speaking with the chapter’s boss, Rinecock, who refers to her as “Lady Sara”, implying of her high status within the Loputo Cult. Sara asks where her grandfather is and Rinecock tells her that her grandfather, Manfroy, is currently with Prince Yurius at Conote.

Soon afterwards, Sara hears a cry for help in her mind and decides to leave the temple. She discovers that the cries originated from Leaf and decides to help him. While Leaf is confused and pondering what to do, Sara surprises him further by exclaiming that she knows all about him and his deceased parents. She also tells him that her parents are both dead as well- her mother died when she was younger and her father was killed by her grandfather for loving her mother. Sara can also converse with Salem, who knows of her from his time at the Loputo Cult.

After conquering Manster, Leaf obtains the Kia staff, which is required to restore those petrified by Veld’s Stone spell, such as Evayle. However he is distraught when he discovers that only those of Manfroy’s lineage can use it. Sara then appears to comfort Leaf, by telling him that she can use it, because she is the granddaughter of Manfroy. She also briefly mentions her hatred of her grandfather.

Once the war had finished, Sara quietly disappears. Rumours suggest that she lived a modest and peaceful life under Leaf’s protection.