Credits: Mitoya



English name Astrid
Japanese name ステラ (Sutera)
Class Bow Knight → Paladin *1
Bow Paladin → Silver Knight *2
Title Unassuming Knight
Country Begnion

*1: In Path of Radiance
*2: In Radiant Dawn

Official Artwork


Astrid is an inexperienced bow knight, born into the noble House Damiell of Begnion. She lacks confidence in her abilities as a soldier, but possesses a strong will and a determination to improve. Astrid has a gentle and compassionate nature which hides a rebellious, slightly stubborn streak.


In Path of Radiance

Ike’s group first meets Astrid on its entry into Begnion, where she and Gatrie are attempting to defend the apostle on a Begnion ship under attack. Despite her noble birth, Astrid refuses to hide belowdecks, pointing out that the situation requires every available fighter. Ike can recruit her to the group during the battle, allowing her to continue to fight at her request.

Astrid remains with the Greil Mercenaries after the battle and eventually becomes a member of the Crimean Liberation Army. She explains to Ike, before the group’s first mission in the employ of the apostle, that she recognizes her own frailty, but wishes to become stronger and more skilled. She believes she can accomplish this goal by following Ike’s example.

In Radiant Dawn

By the time of Radiant Dawn, Astrid, along with Makalov and Marcia, has moved to Crimea and is serving as a Crimean Royal Knight under the command of General Geoffrey. Her dedication as a soldier remains unchanged as she fights to defend Queen Elincia and her new country.


Astrid first became a bow knight in an attempt to evade an arranged marriage with Senator Lekain, Duke of Gaddos, as well as to escape the tyranny of her parents. As she explains to Sothe in their support conversations, she was determined to avoid the fate of her sisters, who were married off to fiancés unknown to them and who periodically wrote Astrid tear-streaked letters from their new lives. Although her family believed her unequal to becoming a knight and expected her to return defeated, Astrid refused to cave under their pressure and learned the rudiments of knighthood as a volunteer in the Begnion army.

Apart from being an expression of personal freedom, Astrid’s decision to become a knight was influenced by a desire for personal growth. Her determination to become stronger, more independent, and experienced in the world is what initially seals Astrid’s membership in Ike’s force in Path of Radiance, and it plays a large role in her support conversations with Sothe and Gatrie. Her supports with Makalov in Path of Radiance reveal an attraction for him, not evidently reciprocated, accompanied by a faulty understanding of his character. Her own generosity and compassion are underscored first when Makalov complains about her donating all her own money to an impoverished family she met on the streets, then when she parts with a memento of her grandmother, a valuable necklace, believing him to be in need of money.

Astrid’s misguided affections for Makalov continue into Radiant Dawn. By the time she appears in-game, she has come under criticism for blindly idolizing him; her conviction that he is a “fine gentleman” affects incredulity in many. She receives harsh words in particular from Calill, who is aggravated by Astrid’s apparent lack of pride and accuses her of “mooning over him and cleaning up his messes.” However, Astrid rebuffs such attacks on her own character while vehemently defending that of her love interest. After the war, Astrid will flout popular opinion and marry Makalov if the two have an A support.