Credits: JHwang



English name Jill
Japanese name ジル (Jiru)
Class Wyvern Rider → Wyvern Lord *1
Dracoknight → Dragonmaster → Dragonlord *2
Title Mistress of Wyverns
Country Daein
Relations Shiharam (father)

*1: In Path of Radiance
*2: In Radiant Dawn

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Jill Fizzart is a Dracoknight of Daein, and the daughter of Shiharam Fizzart, a former Dracoknight of Begnion renowned for his honor. Raised as a soldier of Daein, she is initially hostile towards the Crimeans and their “sub-human” allies, but after being forced to travel with them, she eventually learns the error of her ways.


When Jill’s father Shiharam became fed up with the corruption of the Begnion Senators, he took his dracoknight platoon and left for Daein. He was given rule over Talrega, a region of Daein near the Begnion border. Life there, however, was not much better, as he was forced to serve the likes of Mad King Ashnard and Petrine, one of the Four Riders. To make matters worse, Shiharam was forced to raise his only daughter to follow Daein beliefs, including blind prejudice towards the laguz, even when he himself did not believe them. Jill grew up loved by her father, but was guided by the ideals of Daein. She eventually followed in his footsteps and became a dracoknight of Daein under the command of Haar, both a trusted subordinate of Shiharam and someone Jill highly looked up to.

In Path of Radiance

Jill is first seen as part of the Daein army in the Crimean port city of Toha. After seeing the commotion caused by Ike’s group and the laguz among them, she wishes to join the battle, but is ordered by Haar not to move unless attacked. When Ike’s group manages to board the ship and leave, Jill once again wishes to pursue them, but Haar orders her to withdraw as they are due back in Daein. Despite this, Jill manages to sneak off on her own and catches up with Ike’s ship. Upon reaching the ship, however, she finds the ship under attack by raven laguz pirates. Putting her laguz racism above all else, she allies with Crimeans to fight a common enemy, the ravens. After the battle, however, Jill finds herself forced to stick with the Crimean forces, as she cannot fly far enough past the laguz lands without resting, nor can she defeat the Crimeans all on her own. Despite the tension between Ike and Jill due to their opposing ideals and goals, Ike lets Jill stay until they reach Begnion. After fighting alongside Ike and witnessing events such as the dragon tribe aiding the beorc, Jill is forced to reconsider her own beliefs on the laguz, and she eventually decides to stay with Ike’s group to ascertain the truth for herself. When the Crimean Army marches into Daein, Talrega is one of their first stops. At this point, Haar approaches Jill at the Crimean camp, asking why Jill has decided to remain with the Crimeans. When Jill replies that she has come to see the laguz and the Crimeans in a new light, Haar gives his tacit approval. However, he warns her that to follow through with her convictions, she will need to be prepared to fight both himself and Shiharam.

Weary of Crimea’s string of success, General Petrine orders Shiharam to open Talrega’s floodgates to slow down the Crimean Army, despite the damage it would cause to the surrounding farmlands. When the Crimean Army approaches the Talrega floodgates, Shiharam proves to be a soldier to the end, following Petrine’s orders to keep the floodgates open and stop the Crimean advance. Ike is left with no choice but to kill Shiharam in order to continue their march and minimize damage to the farmlands. After the battle, Ike confronts Jill saying that although he would understand if she wanted to take revenge on him, he would like her to stay. Despite the tragedies she has faced, Jill continues on with the Crimean forces. During their march back to Crimea, she meets up with Haar at the Riven Bridge, and convinces him to join the Crimean army. Soon after, the Crimean army marches into Melior, where the Mad King finally falls. After Ashnard’s defeat, Jill returns to Daein and starts up a wyvern courier service with Haar.

During the war, Jill becomes friends with Mist and Lethe, both of whom are key in changing Jill’s worldview. Mist’s open-hearted personality and genuine desire to become friends wear down Jill’s pride as a soldier of Daein, and the two become fast friends as they were of similar age. In Mist, Jill finds someone in whom she can confide her guilt about her past beliefs and her concerns about her father. Her relationship with Lethe is far more turbulent, as initially, Lethe wants nothing to do with the Daein native. Frustrated by Jill’s ignorance of the history of beorc-laguz relations, Lethe lectures her harshly, leaving a stunned Jill behind to ponder her lessons. After the battle at Talrega, it is Lethe who questions Jill, curious as to why Jill decided to fight against her homeland and father. When Jill explains her reasons, Lethe begins to understand and offers to shake Jill’s hand, a beorc custom of friendship.

In Radiant Dawn

After the Mad King’s War, Jill runs a wyvern courier service alongside Haar. However, at some point during the Begnion occupation of Daein, Jill and Haar become separated, with Jill remaining in Daein. Despite having once fought against Daein and no longer sharing the country’s anti-laguz ideals, Jill is still strongly loyal to her homeland, and decides to fight against the Begnion occupation forces. She eventually reunites with General Tauroneo and Zihark and joins the Daein Liberation Army under the banner of Crown Prince Pelleas, the forgotten “son” of former King Ashnard. Jill makes her first appearance in the game aiding Tauroneo and Zihark in defending the Prince from a Begnion army at their desert hideout. Despite the three Daein veterans’ superior skills, they are vastly outnumbered and only manage to drive off the Begnion forces with the aid of the Dawn Brigade, led by Micaiah. After Izuka suggests that Micaiah lead the Daein Liberation Army thanks to her reputation as the “Silver-Haired Maiden,” Micaiah reluctantly agrees, and Jill continues to fight under her command. Daein is eventually liberated, and Pelleas is placed on the throne as King. Afterwards, Jill remains in Daein to aid in its restoration.

After King Pelleas announces that the Daein Army will march against the Laguz Alliance, Jill obeys orders, but not without protest. She raises her concerns to Micaiah, but Micaiah expresses faith in Pelleas, something Jill could not agree with. Despite this, Jill aids the Daein Army in preventing the Laguz Alliance from crossing the Ribahn River in a nighttime ambush. Not long after, the Laguz Alliance makes another attempt in crossing the river, this time with the aid of the Greil Mercenaries. At this point, it is possible for Jill to leave the Daein forces and join the Laguz Alliance.

If she rejoins the Greil Mercenaries, Jill aids them in escaping from Begnion. When the Apostle Sanaki declares her intentions to retake Sienne from the Senators, the Greil Mercenaries becomes part of the Apostle’s Army, which is forced to march against Daein due to their continuous attacks on Crimea. In battle conversations against old friends, she expresses confusion and doubt as to why Daein has resorted to tactics that Micaiah would normally abhor.

If Jill remains with the Daein forces, she is forced to retreat from the Ribahn River back to Daein. After learning of the blood pact that King Pelleas was tricked into signing, she joins the fight against the Apostle’s Army, knowing full well that if Daein holds back, the Begnion Senators will unleash the curse of the blood pact on Daein. In battle conversations against old friends, she expresses regret for employing dirty tactics against the Apostle, but continues to fight for Daein nonetheless.

Regardless of who she fights for, the war between Daein and the Apostle’s Army causes the chaos energy to spiral out of control, awakening the goddesses from their slumber. The goddess Ashera immediately passes her judgement on laguz and beorc alike, petrifying all but a small group. Jill joins the goddess Yune’s cause in defeating Ashera and restoring the petrified people to normal. After Ashera is defeated, Micaiah cedes Talrega to Jill, who governs the region with the same ideals as those of her father. If she is paired with Haar at the end of the game, the two will marry.