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English name Lucia
Japanese name ルキノ (



Class Swordmaster → Trueblade
Title Tireless Advisor
Country Crimea
Relations Geoffrey (brother)
Elincia (milk-sister)

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Lucia is a Crimean swordswoman and the milk-sister to Princess, and later Queen, Elincia. She is also one of the queen’s closest friends and allies. Because of her close relationship to the queen, she has a great deal of authority in Crimea’s royal palace: her conduct is nearly unrestricted, and she has direct command over the castle guards.


In Path of Radiance

Lucia, like her younger brother Geoffrey, were born into the house of Count Delbray of Crimea. While details of her early years remain unknown, it is known that she and her sibling were raised with the recently-born princess of Crimea, Elincia, at the royal family’s villa. As the three shared their childhood, they grew very close. As she grew older, Lucia became a soldier as did her brother. She and her milk-sister were eventually separated as war erupted with the invasion of Ashnard, King of Daein.

While Elincia fled and later sought aid for her country, Lucia, like so many other retainers and members of the Crimean army, remained hidden. Disguised as merchants, Lucia and Geoffrey waited for the day Elincia would return and reclaim her home. After a year apart, Lucia and her milk-sister were reunited as the mercenary Ike, now the commander of the Crimean forces, crossed the Riven Bridge, the border between Daein and Crimea. Shortly afterward, the army journeyed to Delbray where Lucia particpated in the battle there over Elincia’s protests. She continued to lend her blade to the liberation effort as the army marched from Delbray onto the captial city of Melior itself. After Ashnard had been slain at Castle Crimea, Lucia was present at her milk-sister’s crowning as the new queen.

In Radiant Dawn

Lucia continued to support and aid Elincia as best she could, as her advisor. Her ties with the queen granted her a seat on the royal council, though the nobles prevented her from offering her input. When news of a possible revolution reached Elincia’s ears, Lucia offered to go and investigate the reported ringleader of the rebellion. Her task was a difficult one as she was walking into the house of one of the most powerful noblement in Crimea: Duke Ludveck of Felirae. For her queen and country however, Lucia was willing to take the risk no matter how great it was. During her stay at the duke’s castle, she was treated well by her host, thought it was likely because the duke desired her. One night, Lucia snuck out of the castle hoping to discover some piece of evidence of treason, and she found her answer in a nearby cave. She discovered a document with Ludveck’s name and seal which was more than enough evidence to prove him a rebel. As she tried to leave the cave, she was met by one of the duke’s men whom she was forced to kill.

Once safe in Melior, Lucia watched as her brother departed for Felirae to seize Ludveck. She waited for news of the battle to relay to Elincia who had fled Melior for her safety. The sighting of a lit beacon alerted Lucia to the end of the fighting in Felirae, though she guessed the battle was a diversion. At nightfall, she left Crimea Castle to deliver a message to one of her many spies so that Elincia could be alerted to the coming danger. To her shock, she found her agent dead and Ludveck himself waiting for her. Though she remained silent as he questioned her, she was unable to help Elincia. After having her hair cut off, Lucia was taken along as a prisoner and as Ludveck’s bargaining chip for the throne.

After the battle at Fort Alpea, Lucia again stared death in the face as she stood on a scaffold outside the fort to be hanged as Ludveck had planned should the battle turn against him. Her life was offered to Elincia in exchange for the rebel leader’s freedom and the throne. When Elincia refused the rebels’ trade, Lucia lifted up heartfelt praise for her queen as her last words. As her death neared, the intervention of Ike and the Greil Mercenaries saved her from the noose and after she’d recovered, she was reunited once more with Elincia.

Later, Lucia marched with her queen and the rest of the army to enforce Crimea’s neutral stance in the ongoing war between the Laguz Alliance and the Begnion Empire. When Elincia pledged her support to aid Sanaki, Empress of Begnion, in reclaiming her empire, Lucia was among the troops as they marched from battle to battle across the border with Daein and eventually into Begnion itself. She aided her queen and King Tibarn of the Hawk’s as they clashed with the armies of the Begnion Senator, Valtome, and later as they tracked down the madman Izuka in the swamps of Begnion.

After the defeat of the goddess Ashera, Lucia returned to Crimea where she remained ever by Elincia’s side. In her life, the love between her and the queen was said to grow stronger than that of most blood sisters. Though Bastian, the Count of Fayre, held affections for her and often attempted to woo her, Lucia never married making her the first of the queen’s retainers to do so.