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English name Naesala
Japanese name ネサラ (Nesara)
Class Raven / Raven King *1
Title Sky’s Shadow
Country Kilvas

*1: Raven in Path of Radiance, Raven King in Radiant Dawn

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Naesala is the King of Kilvas during Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn. Although in both games he fights against Ike and Tibarn, he eventually joins their armies to fight for their cause.


In Path of Radiance

Naesala wanted to improve Kilvas and its status as a country, and as a result, he and his army ally themselves with the Daein Army. He is first seen betraying a Daein general by having his men steal any treasure in sight instead of fighting against Ike. He later betrayed his friend Reyson and sells him to Oliver as a slave in order to make a profit. Reyson is eventually saved by Ike and his army and they resume the war with Daein. Naesala is often seen lending Ravens to the Daein army. At one point Naesala himself joins a battle in an attempt to kill Ike and his army. Although it is possible to defeat him, if you talk to him with Janaff or Ulki he will apologize to Reyson if Reyson is on the battlefield. Naesala will also claim he had planned to rescue Reyson from Oliver. He and all the other Ravens will then fly off, leaving the Daein army to die at Ike’s hands.

Naesala is not seen again until Ike defeats the Black Knight in Nados Castle. Naesala disguises himself as a Daein soldier in order to save the Heron Princess Leanne from King Ashnard. He then meets up with Ike and Tibarn after they rout the area of feral laguz. Ike and Tibarn realize that Naesala betrayed Daein and saved Leanne which leads them to ask for his assistance in the final battle of the Mad King’s War. Naesala decides to help with the battle but will not join Ike and the main force unless he is called in as a reinforcement, since he doesn’t want to risk losing his life to King Ashnard. Even then, he comments that it’s still Ike’s battle and still would prefer to not have come. In the epilogue, Naesala will tell Ike not to visit Kilvas since it’s against their nature to invite beorc to their country.

In Radiant Dawn

In Radiant Dawn, Naesala is angered when he discovers the senators are behind the Serenes Massacre and forms The Laguz Alliance with Tibarn and Caineghis. He is quickly forced to join the senate since they hold a blood pact signed by a former King of Kilvas. If Naesala doesn’t follow the senate’s orders they could kill the people in Kilvas one by one. Under the senate’s command, Naesala then leads Tibarn’s army towards the Begnion Central Army, which was thought to be a supply ship, buying time for the slaughter of all in Phoenicis save women and children. Tibarn is quickly angered since his country suffered because of Naesala’s actions and revives a grudge against him for selling Reyson three years ago. Naesala is then forced to abandon the alliance.

After Begnion politically divides between the apostle and the senate Naesala is now working under Sanaki, the Apostle, and her orders. When he takes her to meet up with Ike, Tibarn, and the unconscious Herons during a battle with Daein, Tibarn later mentions that he will kill Naesala but lets him live for the moment. When Ashera awakens and turns almost all the people of Tellius to stone Naesala joins Micaiah’s group to help her fight Ashera. Skrimir, a gallian general from the alliance attempts to kill Naesala for his betrayal and nearly fights Naesala, Leanne and Nealuchi. Leanne attempts to stop the fight by saying Naesala that has a troubled heart, mainly for being forced to betray the alliance, but this only causes Skrimir to be angered even more. Naesala stops the fight by mentioning Tibarn deserves to fight him more since Tibarn suffered more then Skrimir.

When Micaiah, Ike, Tibarn, and their armies reach Ashera’s location, a small group goes inside to stop her actions. If Naesala is taken into the Tower of Guidance, he and the others will discover that Lekain, a Senator, holds both Kilvas and Daein’s blood pact, which proves that Naesala only betrayed the alliance for the good of his people. Lekain is killed and the blood pacts are destroyed, thus saving the people of Daein and Kilvas.

In the epilogue the three bird nations, Hawk, Heron, and Raven, unite as one country with Tibarn as their leader. Naesala leaves Kilvas to become a diplomat for all of Tellius, finding atonement in his work. If he and Leanne share an A support, they will marry and Leanne gives birth to a Raven boy and a Heron girl.