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English name Sigrun
Japanese name シグルーン (Shigurūn)
Class Falcon Knight → Seraph Knight
Title Sapphire of Begnion
Age 20’s (in FE10)
Country Begnion

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Sigrun is the commander of Begnion’s Holy Guard, a noble of Begnion, and an important vassal of Apostle Sanaki. She has a kind and forgiving personality, in stark contrast to her subordinate, Tanith.


In Path of Radiance

Sigrun first appears to provide much-needed backup when the Greil’s Mercenaries battle to protect a Begnion vessel that is carrying the Apostle. After Apostle Sanaki is found, Sigrun formally introduces herself as the commander of Begnion’s Holy Guard. Later, she provides information for the various missions that the Greil’s Mercenaries undertake while they are staying in Begnion. However, after the Greil’s Mercenaries leave Begnion, she no longer has a place in the story.

Despite having few appearances, it is clear that Sigrun views Sanaki as somebody very important to her. She is not only cautious of Sanaki’s physical safety and status as the Apostle, but is also happy to see Sanaki grow. As for herself, Sigrun’s manner of speech is polite and apologetic. Also, during a base conversation, Ike remarks that Sigrun is surprisingly honest and straightforward, unlike many other nobles he has met.

In Radiant Dawn

Sigrun accompanies Apostle Sanaki when the Apostle escapes from the senate-ruled Begnion. To aid Ike’s battles, Sigrun returns the holy sword Ragnell to Ike on behalf of the Apostle. Afterwards, she fights alongside Ike’s forces under the banner of the Apostle’s Army. Sigrun also temporarily acts as commander of the Apostle’s Army when they are ambushed by Daein forces, and she leads the forces to protect Sanaki.

After the Goddesses awaken, Sanaki decides to enter the battlefield herself, which causes Sigrun to protest. Naesala offers to protect Sanaki, but Sigrun adamantly refuses, stating that responsibility belongs to the Holy Guard. However, there is no time to argue, so Sigrun reluctantly allows Sanaki to do as she pleases. When Sanaki initially encounters the Disciples of Order, they brand her a fraud for allying with Yune, which angers Sigrun.

Eventually, Sanaki confesses to Sigrun that she is not the true Apostle and asks for Sigrun’s honest view of her at that point. Sigrun replies that nothing has changed- she explains that her allegiance was not to the Apostle, but to Sanaki herself. She reveals that she was proud to have served Sanaki, and will continue doing so until her death. Finally, Sigrun comforts Sanaki, by telling her that even though she is not the Apostle, she is still the one, true Empress of Begnion.

Following the relevation, Sigrun continues to fight alongside Sanaki if the player so chooses, up until the final battle with Ashera.

On the battlefield, Sigrun can converse with a number of foes, many of whom fight on the senate’s side. In one of her conversations with Jill, it is revealed that Sigrun was Haar’s “friend” who negotiated to allow Shiharam’s squadron to stay in Begnion after the battle of Talrega. Meanwhile, when she fights Lekain, she comdemns his lies and reminds him that there is no rule stating that the Empress of Begnion must be the Apostle as well.

After the war is over, Sigrun continues her services as the commander of the Holy Guard and guards Sanaki for the rest of her life.