Credits: Eltoshen



English name Volke
Japanese name フォルカ (Foruka)
Class Assassin
Title Man of Many Mysteries

Official Artwork


Volke is a mischievous, impatient man whose interest is hard to attract unless the object of money is present. Volke is faithful to his employer, shown by his declaration that he will never take more than one job at a time. He carries out his job, and is content when his employer pays on time; although, he does get embarrassed when thanked. Unlike many others, Volke prefers to stay away from large crowds. He will agree to do any job as long as he’s given a suitable amount of money.


In Path of Radiance

Volke is first seen searching for “Sir Greil” among Ike’s mercenaries during their raid of Canteus Castle so he can deliver a “report”. When Titania informs him that Greil had died, Volke offers his services to Ike for a steep price of fifty-thousand gold. Ike, of course, doesn’t have the money. Soren confronts Volke before he leaves, however, and offers Volke a job. Volke decides to stay, employed to Ike, and asks Ike to call him when he needs him.

After a battle at the Daein border, Ike finds a storage room full of gold. He asks Volke to give him the report, as Ike was able to obtain the money requested. Volke states bluntly that the report was but a ruse; in actuality, the details of his secret were far too important to be written down. Volke’s true job, as Greil’s shadow, was to end Greil’s life if he ever went berserk. Volke tells Ike that his research on the medallion, Lehran’s Medallion, gave him the information that the men who hunted Greil were after the medallion itself.

Volke is shown to know a lot about the medallion. He was also the one to inform Ike that Greil killed Elena, Ike’s mother, due to accidentally touching the medallion. Ike listens intently, and Volke offers his services to Ike to ease his worries. After Ike accepts, Volke reveals that his true profession is that of an assassin: no mere thief.

Volke has few people he commonly associates with. He seems to have a deep connection with Bastian, however. Sometime after the battle with Bertram, Bastian requests Volke’s aid in fulfilling a certain job. Volke offers to help once he finishes his current job, as Bastian has a record for paying on time.

Volke leaves Ike’s company, soon after Ashnard’s defeat. He notes that Ike should contact him if he is ever in need of Volke’s services. His contact method? Go to any local tavern and tell the barkeep you’ve need of a Fireman.

In Radiant Dawn

Throughout the years, Volke continues with his usual activities. His introductions are cut short when Geoffrey orders him to catch the escapee, Izuka, after Volke asks for two-thousand gold, of course. He is persuaded to stay, through use of money, and aids Elincia’s army. He does offer a discount though, as he did not like his previous employer; the discount being three-thousand gold.

Volke wasn’t laying low, however, as he was hired by Bastian to find a way to cure Renning’s deteriorating mind. With Volke’s help, Bastian was able to find out that Izuka had engineered Renning’s mind, which made him into a puppet that served Ashnard.

When his contract is complete, Volke goes back to hiding in the shadows, doing the same mysterious things he’s always done.