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English name Elice
Japanese name エリス (Erisu)
Class Cleric → Bishop / Bishop *1
Title Life-Giver
Country Altea
Relations Cornelius, Liza (parents)
Marth (brother)

*1: Cleric → Bishop in Book 1, Bishop in Book 2

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Elice is the Princess of Altea, and Marth’s older sister. She is a brave and wise woman with a kind heart. She grew up with her brother and Merric.


In Shadow Dragon

One morning, Elice calls for Marth urgently. When they meet, she delivers news to him that Gra has betrayed them, and that their father was defeated by the enemy forces. She tells him to escape since the castle is under attack, and lies that she will join him later. Malledus begs Elice to run quickly, but she refuses to abandon the castle and chooses to stay behind. She orders him to leave her and guide Marth instead, as Marth is now the sole wielder of Falchion and the future of Altea.

Elice survives, but is taken away by Gharnef. She is not heard of until two years later, when Marth liberates Altea. She had been imprisoned in the Temple of Thabes, and is eventually rescued by Marth. Elice is overjoyed to see him again as a grown man, and explains to him why her life was spared. Gharnef wanted her to wield the Aum Staff, which has the power to resurrect, and it can only be used by women of royal blood.

Upon reuniting with Merric, she thanks him for looking after her brother. She laughs in surprise when he says he’ll protect her, as she remembers how delicate and weak he used to be; she often had to nurse him back to health. Now he is much braver and stronger, though deep down she believes he is too sweet to defeat hordes of enemies. She says that she prefers him this way, which startles Merric slightly.

After the war ends, Elice returns to Altea with her brother and watches him grow into a great leader.

In Mystery of the Emblem

Two years later, Altea is attacked by the imperial army, and the castle falls. Elice agrees to be a hostage to allow Shiida to escape. She is then taken away by Gharnef as one of the sacrifices to revive Medeus, since he requires women of noble blood to awaken the dragon.

Towards the final battle with Medeus, Elice and the other women are located at the altar inside the Dragons’ Dale. During the resurrection, their souls shatter from too much pain. Merric begs Elice to wake up, and confesses that he studied magic to protect her. Elice finally opens her eyes, and exclaims how afraid she was of Gharnef. Merric comforts her, saying that he’ll never leave her again.

After Medeus is defeated, Elice establishes a magic academy at Akaneia’s palace. She presumedly marries Merric, and lives a happy life.