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English name Lena
Japanese name レナ (Rena)
Class Cleric → Bishop / Bishop *1
Title Angel to All / Frontier Saint *2
Country Medon
Relations Matthis (brother)

*1: Cleric → Bishop in Book 1, Bishop in Book 2
*2: Book 1 and Book 2 titles respectively

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Lena is a cleric and a former noble of Medon. She is a strong-willed and selfless young woman, who believes her duty is to aid the ill and poor.



Lena was born into a powerful noble family of Medon. Her mother was a bishop who served the Grustian royal court and it’s thought Lena inherited her mother’s talent as a cleric. When Lena was 10 years old, her mother passed away and Lena was sent to live with her grandfather at Grust. She stayed at Grust for several years, training as a cleric. Along with her grandfather, she regularly visited the remote regions of Grust, striving to fulfill her purpose as a cleric. Grust was a harsh place to live and many of the developing farmers suffered from illness or were attacked by bandits. As her grandfather grew old and his powers declined, Lena decided to help the people in his place.

Around this time, Lena became acquainted with Camus, a young military official from Grust. Camus was a noble-minded knight who protected the developing villages from bandits and often helped the farmers with their work. Living besides Camus had a big influence on Lena’s life; from Camus, Lena learned that justice could not be obtained without self-sacrifice.

After Michalis was crowned Medon’s king, Lena was summoned to the Medonian royal court by her foster father, to serve as a female official under Princess Minerva. During a meeting with Michalis, Lena was asked by Michalis to become his queen, because of her wisdom and beauty, and also to reconcile with the powerful, elder nobility on Lena’s foster father’s side. When news of this spread, many women viewed Lena with great envy; they yearned to see Michalis’s heroic appearance and would die to be in the same room as him. However Lena bluntly refused Michalis’s proposal and left Medon.

In Akaneia Saga

Days after Akaneia’s royal palace fell, Lena and Rickard meet at the streets of Akaneia. By now, Lena has become a honourable thief along with Rikard and the two have made plans to steal from the palace to aid the poor. Rickard momentarily leaves to scout for patrolling soldiers, leaving Lena behind to wait for him. Just then, a man comes up to Lena and harasses her. As Lena tries to fend him off, Nabarl appears and threatens the man to leave Lena alone. Lena realises who Nabarl is and introduces herself. She asks Nabarl whether he can aid her cause, offering him 1000 Gold as payment and tells him, that if it’s insufficient, she can pay him more later. Nabarl accepts her request and Lena mentions that she’s grateful for his help.

Meanwhile, Rickard returns with an injured hunter by his side. This hunter turns out to be Castor, who explains that he needs gold to care for his ill mother. The four agree to band together and, that night, they stay at a local inn to formulate a plan to infiltrate the palace. Once the city falls asleep, the four follow their plan and successfully enter the palace. Inside the palace, Lena supports the group with her recovery and teleportation magic, while they raid the treasure chests. Later, they bump into Dice and Malice, a father and daughter treasure-hunter pair, who agree to join as long as they get paid.

Eventually, the palace soldiers notice what’s going on and Camus, the general in charge of the palace, appears to arrest the thieves. Camus notices Lena and asks why a cleric like her would resort to thievery. Lena explains that she’s doing it for the sake of the citizens of Akaneia. She asks Camus whether he knows of the suffering that Doluna has caused to the citizens by razing houses, stealing land and hoarding food supplies. Camus explains that he is pained by the situation as well. However he states that he is a soldier of Grust, a nation allied to Doluna, and that he cannot oppose his king. Lena is angered by his response and asks whether Camus is just one of Doluna’s pawn.

Nyna appears and asks Camus to reconsider. She states that Camus isn’t a pawn at all, as he disobeyed Medeus’s orders and gave Nyna the honour and freedom of a princess. She tells Camus to overlook Lena and the others’ crimes and allows them to keep the treasures they earned, as long as they give back to the poor. Lena thanks Nyna and promises that she will indeed help the poor. Nyna then commands Camus to lead Lena and the others to safety. At the village outskirts, Camus recommends that the group leave immediately. Lena tells Camus to convey her thanks to Nyna and states that she’ll never forget their favour.

In Shadow Dragon

After her exploits at Akaneia’s royal palace, Lena ends up at Galder Habour. Despite the villagers’ warnings, she heads to the nearby Ghoul’s Teeth, home to the notorious Soothsire thugs, to care for the sick there. After her inevitable capture, Lena is rescued by Julian, a thief who, up to that point, worked for the Soothsires. Julian and Lena make their escape, right as the Altean Army advances to the Teeth. Lena is, however, hesitant to leave without her precious Mend staff and offers to use her Warp staff to send Julian someplace safe. Julian refuses, saying that he didn’t betray his fellow Soothsires so that he could escape himself. He tells Lena to forget about the staff and that he’ll go back and get it later. The two then hurry and join up with the Altean Army, led by Prince Marth. Marth suggests that Lena escape while his forces distract the enemy. However, Lena explains that she wants to help since she is a cleric. Marth accepts her offer of help and tells her to take care.

When the Altean Army reaches Aurelis, Lena is surprised to see her brother, Matthis, working for the Medonian Army. When she asks why he’s fighting, Matthis explains that, since Lena left Medon, Medon has gotten worse and worse. He states that he was forced to enlist in the army or else face execution. Lena chastises Matthis, saying that if he’s going to fight, he should at least fight for a cause he believes in. She mentions that it’s not too late to join the Altean Army and that they would happily accept him. Matthis agrees to join the Altean Army and remarks that he was certain that Lena had settled down with her one true love. Lena is shocked by his words and claims that she’s met no such man. Matthis doesn’t seem to believe her, but in any case he warns Lena to be careful of thieves. Later on, when Marth’s forces marches to Grust, Lena obtains her family’s treasured repair staff, Hammerne, from her grandfather.

After the war ends, Lena cares for orphans at a convent in Medon.

In Mystery of the Emblem

Along with three other noble clerics, Lena was abducted by Gharnef and used as a tool to resurrect Medeus. During the final chapter, she is awakened by Julian, who had joined the Altean Army in search of her. Lena tells Julian that she believed that he would come to rescue her and that’s how she could continue living to this moment. She apologises to Julian for always acting like a spoiled brat and asks Julian if he could listen to another request of hers. She asks if he can call her just “Lena” from now on, as it sounds impersonal whenever he calls her “Miss Lena” *3. She also mentions that they will be returning to Medon, to live together, and she believes that the deities will forgive her actions, because of her love for Julian. After Medeus is finally defeated, Lena continues caring for the orphans at Medon along with Julian, if he survived.

*3: In the English version of Shadow Dragon, Julian just calls her “Lena” anyway