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English name Medeus
Japanese name メディウス (Mediusu)
Class Earth Dragon / Dark Dragon *1
Title Shadow Dragon
Country Doluna

*1: Earth Dragon in Book 1, Dark Dragon in Book 2

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Medeus is the ruler of Doluna, known and feared as the Shadow Dragon. He was originally defeated by Anri, but returned one hundred years ago to invade the continent of Akaneia once again.



During the great decline of the dragon race, over one thousand years ago, the Earth Dragons refused to abandon their identity as dragons and did not become Manaketes like the other dragon clans. Medeus, an Earth Dragon royal, betrayed his own clan and became a Manakete by himself. Eventually the inevitable happened; the Earth Dragons degenerated into wild dragons and attacked mankind. When mankind was on the brink of extinction Naga, the king of the divine dragons, led his clan to stop the Earth Dragons. After a fierce battle, Naga sealed the Earth Dragons within the Dragons’ Altar at Doluna and ordered Medeus to stand as the altar’s guardian.

Hundreds of years later, mankind rose to power and attacked the Manaketes who had lost their power. Medeus, the new king of the Earth Dragons, etablished the Dolunian Empire and waged war against mankind. At first, Medeus’s empire crushed the opposition with ease, including the Holy Kingdom of Akaneia. However the citizens of Akaneia later rallied under the Fire Emblem, wielded by Cartas and strongly fought back. Medeus decided it was time to personally enter the frontlines and, against his sheer might, Akaneia’s rebellion quickly crumbled. Just when everything seemed to be going according to Medeus’s plan, Anri appeared and defeated him with the blade of light, Falchion.

In Shadow Dragon

One hundred years later, in the present day, Medeus is resurrected. It is not explicitly explained how he resurrected, but it is likely because Earth Dragons, like himself, possess a vast amount of life energy and thus cannot be destroyed so easily, which is why Naga was forced to seal the Earth Dragons thousands of years ago. Upon returning to the world, Medeus joins forces with Gharnef, the Dark Pontifex, who shares his ideals of world domination. He then restores the Dolunian Empire and recontinues his invasion of Akaneia. The Kingdoms of Medon and Grust also join Medeus’s side for their own reasons.

Two years into the invasion, Medeus leads his troops to lay siege to the Kingdom of Akaneia, eventually conquering it. He orders all the Akaneian royals to be executed, as a sign to those who might oppose him. However Camus, the Grustian general in charge of the imperial soldiers at Akaneia, disobeys his orders and spares Nyna, the last remaining survivor. In anger, Medeus sends his personal guards to kill Nyna, but Camus lets her escape to the safety of Aurelis. After Camus is caught, Medeus spares him in light of his many victories for the empire, but prevents him from participating in the empire’s battles for a long period.

For around three years, Medeus and the Dolunian Empire remained without substantial opposition. However, just like in the past, Medeus finds himself challenged by the Fire Emblem and Falchion, this time wielded by Marth, the prince of Altea and Anri’s successor. Marth leads the Akaneian League, by Nyna’s request, and successfully defeats the empire’s allies: Grust, Medon and even Gharnef. As the League reaches Doluna Keep, Medeus’s castle, Medeus prepares one last trick, which is to divide the League’s soldiers. During the final battle, if Nagi fights Medeus, Medeus comments that Nagi hasn’t recovered all her power and swears that he’ll defeat her this time. When Medeus is defeated, he remarks that he will be back, as long as darkness remains in peoples’ hearts.

In Mystery of the Emblem

Medeus’s final words come true much sooner than expected. Around three years later, Medeus is resurrected using the life energy of noble clerics and is reborn as a fearsome Dark Dragon. The clerics surround Medeus like a shield, preventing Marth from landing a blow on him. Meanwhile the Earth Dragons, who have started to awaken due to the weakening of the Shield of Seals, also come to aid Medeus. If Medeus is defeated while the clerics are still under his control, he kills the clerics and drains their life energy to add to his own. Otherwise, Medeus finally disappears from the world, cursing the power of Naga’s Shield of Seals. However, before vanishing, he states that if the Shield of Seals is lost he will one day return.