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English name Merric
Japanese name マリク (Mariku)
Class Mage → Bishop / Sage *1
Title Mirthful Mage / Wind Mage *2
Country Altea

*1: Bishop in FE1/3, Sage in Shadow Dragon
*2: Book 1 and Book 2 titles respectively

Official Artwork


Merric is a gentle and caring boy who wields the powerful tome Excalibur. At Khadein, he studied magic and was taught by Wendell, who passed the tome onto him.


In Shadow Dragon

Merric is an Altean noble who grew up with Marth and Elice, the latter who he has feelings for. While he studies at Khadein, he hears of the war with Doluna and joins Marth’s ranks to aid him. To his surprise, he finds his teacher Wendell during a battle. Merric learns that Khadein is not the same anymore now that it is ruled by Gharnef, and Wendell left because he did not want to serve him. Merric invites his teacher to fight alongside them, and he agrees to help although he does not enjoy fighting.

When Linde, a fellow mage, joins the League, Merric is asked to look after her. As they are talking, he jokes that mages don’t need looking after. He tells her about studying at the school in Khadein, where he had wonderful teachers as well as a healthy mix of friends and rivals amongst the other mages.

Upon reuniting with Elice, he is glad that she is safe. He tells her to stay behind him so that he can protect her, but Elice laughs in surprise. She remembers that he was quite delicate and weak when he was younger, and she often had to nurse him back to health. Now he is much braver and stronger, though deep down she believes he is too sweet to defeat hordes of enemies. She says that she prefers him this way, which startles Merric slightly.

As the war ends, Merric buries his feelings for Elice and returns to Khadein to continue his studies. The city was ruined after Gharnef’s rule, and many of the important bishops were lost. Wendell is therefore elected to become the new ruling senior mage, and he then leads the city to reconstruction.

In Mystery of the Emblem

Two years later, Gotoh entrusts Wendell with an important mission, and thus Wendell leaves the city in the hands of his two trustworthy and talented students- Merric and Ellerean. During the war against Akaneia, Marth arrives in Khadein but is attacked by its army of mages. The army is led by Ellerean, who hates Merric. Merric confronts Ellerean, and asks why he is hated so much. Ellerean reveals his jealousy; he was Wendell’s student first and a stronger mage, yet Excalibur was given to Merric instead. Merric apologises, and confesses that he has no intention of succeeding his teacher. He plans on returning to Altea after he finishes his studies because there is someone he wants to protect.

Merric assists Marth again and fights with him. At the final battle with Medeus, Merric finds Elice who has been possessed. He tries to wake her up, saying that he studied magic to protect her. He is glad when she finally opens her eyes, and tells her that he’ll never leave her again.

After Medeus is defeated, Elice establishes a magic academy at Akaneia’s palace. Merric becomes a teacher there, and presumably marries Elice.