Credits: VincentASM



English name Michalis
Japanese name ミシェイル (Misheiru)
Class Dracoknight
Country Medon
Relations Osmond (father)
Minerva, Maria (sisters)

Official Artwork


The King of Medon, who killed his own father to secure the throne. An ambitious and powerful man, said to be the second coming of the hero Iote.



As the crown prince of Medon, Michalis was adored by his citizens, who believed that he would protect Medon from Akaneia’s ill will. His relationship with his father, Osmond, was far less optimistic. When Michalis was around ten years old, the entire continent was gripped by a devastating famine. At this time, Akaneia forcefully took crops from Medon, resulting in many thousands of Medonian citizens starving to death. However his father, the king, did nothing to stop Akaneia and, from then on, Michalis believed his father to be a weak king, who wouldn’t dare oppose the suzerain kingdom of Akaneia.

Years later, Medeus resurrected at the Dragons’ Altar and requested for Medon to ally with his Dolunian Empire. Osmond laughed at this proposal and asked Akaneia to supply reinforcements to defeat Doluna. Yet reinforcements never came and Michalis knew this. He also knew that if Medon were to challenge Doluna by itself, then Medon would undoubtly fall and its citizens would become slaves to Doluna just like in the past. Therefore Michalis desperately tried to convince his father to reconsider, but his father blindly believed that Akaneia would help them and, after many fierce arguments, their relationship quickly soured.

Eventually, after Michalis’s relationship with his father reached its lowest point, Michalis’s status as the crown prince was revoked. Taking advantage of the situation, Gharnef started spreading rumours that the successor to the Medonian throne would instead be Michalis’s sister, Minerva. During these ages, it was normal for those who lost their succession right to be eradicated, so when Michalis heard this rumour, he finally exploded. It was at this point that Michalis decided to carry out his ideals of world domination. To begin with, he killed his father with his own hands and claimed it was the doing of an Akaneian assassin, for making the decision to ally with Doluna.

Following his father’s death, Michalis ascended to the throne, but he struggled to grasp the peoples’ hearts. At this time, Lena was summoned to the royal court, to serve as a female official. Upon meeting Lena, Michalis requested for Lena to become his queen, because of her beauty and wisdom, but also to reconcile with the powerful and elder nobility on Lena’s family’s side. The nobility didn’t know the truth behind the previous king’s death, but they were clearly agitated. However Lena declined Michalis’s proposal and left before his eyes. Despite being denied, Michalis did not hate Lena, but rather he understood her feelings and so he chose not to tell anybody that she had left Medon.

Around the same time, Michalis went to visit Maria, to tell her of the current danger that Medon faced. He explained that the only way to save Medon was for Maria to become Doluna’s hostage. Maria agreed, seeing as it would save many thousands of people and also to help her beloved brother. Although it is unsure what Michalis was thinking at the time, for the first in his life, he shed a tear and he couldn’t dispel the guilty voice inside him. However, after killing his own father, Michalis swore that he could sacrifice anything to achieve his goals.

Later, after the alliance with Doluna was confirmed and Maria had become their hostage, Minerva immediately realised that the one who killed their father was none other than Michalis. However Michalis stated that everything had been decided and that if Minerva opposed, even though she is his sister, he would not hesitate to brand her a traitor. Also, by defying Doluna, Maria’s life would be in danger and thus Minerva would be betraying both her country and Maria. Minerva had no choice, but to submit to Michalis’s will. From then on, Michalis and his Kingdom of Medon fought on the side of Doluna.

In Shadow Dragon

As years passed, and after his dominion of the continent seemed secured, Michalis is challenged by the Akaneian League, led by Prince Marth of Altea. During the war, Maria had been rescued by Marth’s forces and even Minerva joined sides with him. As the League marches to the Medon Aerie, where Michalis reigns, Michalis makes preparations for the fierce battle ahead. When trying to convince Gotoh, who is residing in a nearby village, to leave to safety, Michalis is questioned by the White Sage. He is asked why he chose to ally with Doluna, a choice which would spell doom for Medon, instead of forging a powerful country alongside Minerva. Michalis states that it’s all in the past and reminds Gotoh that he hasn’t lost yet; he boasts that even the League’s archers will be unable to defeat him while he carries Iote’s Shield. Before leaving, he swears that he will defeat Marth if it’s the last thing he does. Michalis and his Dragoons fight bravely against the League, but in the end Michalis is defeated.

In Mystery of the Emblem

After the War of Darkness, Michalis was presumed dead. The truth was that he was spared from death by Minerva, who couldn’t bear to finish him off. However, Michalis was on the verge of death. When Michalis awoke, he couldn’t believe the sight before him. Despite the bad things he had done to her, Maria stayed by his side, praying for his safety even when her face was full of tears. Michalis soon realised that Maria had been selflessly and tirelessly caring for him all this time. Even though he didn’t believe in deities, at that moment, Maria truly looked like an angel to him. At that point, Michalis decided to repent for his past crimes.

Years later, unhappy with Minerva’s rule, a group of Medonian soldiers rebel against her and end up capturing her. Learning also that Maria had gone missing, Michalis appears to rescue Minerva, shocking the rebel general who believed he had died. Michalis comments that he doesn’t care for Medon anymore, and that he’s only concerned about dealing with a certain person. However he states that Minerva must be returned to him. The rebels unwillingly comply, afraid of Michalis’s might. Seeing Minerva once again, Michalis asks her whether this country is really the perfect country she strove for.

Some time afterwards, Michalis brings Minerva, who has recovered, to a village in Khadein, where he suspects the Altean Army is headed for next. He remarks that, although he doesn’t like Marth, he believes he’s a true hero and encourages Minerva to aid him. Minerva asks Michalis what he plans to do next and wonders if he might join her. Michalis refuses her offer and states that he intends to search for Maria, so that he may bring her back to Medon. Minerva mentions that Michalis has returned to how he used to be, before he killed their father, and wonders if he really was possessed by Gharnef’s dark magic. Michalis denies this and explains his reasoning for allying with Doluna. Originally he planned to ally with Doluna to destroy Akaneia and later planned to join forces with Grust’s General Camus to defeat Medeus.

Towards the very end of the war, Marth meets Michalis at a village just outside of the Dragons’ Altar. However, Michalis has been fatally wounded by Gharnef’s dark magic and doesn’t have long to live. He hands over the Starlight tome to Marth, explaining that he managed to retrieve it from Gharnef after a difficult fight. Before dying, he tells Marth that, if Minerva is still alive, to forward his wish to her, which is to rescue Maria in his place. Following this, Michalis dies. For his crimes, it was inevitable that he would receive the ultimate punishment. However in the end, he was able to repent for his sins, laying the foundation for the Altean Army’s victory against Gharnef and Medeus.