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English name Duessel
Japanese name デュッセル (Dyusseru)
Class Great Knight
Title Obsidian General
Country Grado

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Duessel, also known as Obsidian, is one of the six generals of the Grado Empire. He was always one of the Imperial Three and is the most esteemed general in the eyes of Emperor Vigarde. Being a very loyal soldier of Grado, he would even give his life for his country. He is a reasonable man and sometimes gets quite emotional. He cares for his people and was like a father to Selena, Glen, and Cormag, who are all soldiers of Grado. As a great warrior, he feels it is his duty to improve his skills and pass them on to a student. He even taught Prince Ephraim of Renais how to use a spear.


As a loyal knight, Duessel always cared about the citizens of Grado. He once saved a woman from a group of bandits and, when he discovered how weak she was, he took her to a peaceful village to recover. That woman, Melina, eventually recuperated and recalled her lost memories. She remembered that she had a daughter so Duessel took time off from his duties to visit her old village to find her daughter. However, he heard that her daughter had left the village some time ago and he now had no clue of her whereabouts. At the time, he almost gave up hope in finding her.

Duessel always carried an unique lance that was said to have been passed down by his family for a long time. This magic lance has the power to drive its wielder to madness and Duessel vowed to never use this lance until his final hour. Once during a battle, he was fighting alongside General Valter, whose lance broke. Having no weapon, Valter had taken this cursed lance to fight without Duessel’s knowledge or consent. When using the lance, Valter was driven to insanity. He began to kill everyone, even the retreating men. Duessel realized what happened and took the lance away from him. But it was too late since Valter had already been corrupted by madness. Since then, Duessel felt that he betrayed his legacy by allowing that to happen.

During the war with Renais, Duessel seemed to be more disturbed about the situation than any of the other Grado soldiers. With the fall of Renais Castle, brigands began to attack villages without fear. Duessel was concerned about the civilians but he hoped that the emperor would eventually enforce public order over Renais. However, as time passed, the emperor did nothing about this and Duessel found it prudent to ask the emperor about his plans for Renais. The entire country was in ruins and was getting dominated by bandits. Vigarde simply said to leave them. Duessel tried to plead but Selena reminded him that the emperor had already spoken.

Meanwhile, a Frelian army led by Prince Ephraim began to approach Grado and Duessel was given the order to attack them. Duessel couldn’t stand following orders blindly when they seemed unjust and decided to confront the emperor. He requested the emperor to permit him to ask one question. He wanted to know exactly what the emperor hoped to gain by starting this war. Renais was left in chaos, Grado soldiers were fighting and dying, and no one seemed to benefit from the invasion. Clearly annoyed, Vigarde told Duessel that it was his decision and Duessel had no authority over these matters. He then repeated his command for Duessel to defeat Ephraim’s army. Duessel had no choice but to accept his orders. However, Duessel’s sudden outburst caused the emperor to no longer trust him. This news spread and many soldiers began to question Duessel’s loyalty to the emperor.

Duessel then went to Bethroen to meet the Frelian Army. Selena arrived with an army and Duessel assumed she was to assist him. As the Frelian Army approached, Duessel ordered the units to hold since he wished to speak with Ephraim first. Then Selena revealed that her true mission was to execute Duessel and that he was accused of treason of the highest order. Duessel began to run while Selena’s army pursued him. Selena left shortly afterwards but the army remained, now led by Beran. Prince Ephraim managed to reach Duessel and he talked to him. Duessel said that he no longer felt a desire to live, now that he was branded a traitor. But Ephraim refused to let him die, saying that his death would not serve Grado in any way.

The enemies eventually retreated and Ephraim asked Duessel why he was attacked by his own army. Duessel told Ephraim that the once compassionate emperor had suddenly changed. Although he doesn’t know how, he noticed that it all began when Prince Lyon and his clerics created the Dark Stone. He was never interested in magic gems but he heard that the Dark Stone was even more powerful than the Sacred Stones. Ephraim then deduced that this Dark Stone was the likely cause of the emperor’s change and decided to go to the capital to meet Prince Lyon, hoping that they would be able to restore the emperor. Duessel decided to go with him, telling him that he was ready to fight his own men for the sake of saving the emperor.

Later, Duessel faced Selena in Za’albul Marsh but this time she’s aware of what happened to the emperor. She apologized to Duessel for calling him a traitor since she now knows that he was always loyal to his country. She told him that she had chosen her own path with no regrets and must fight him. General Selena was killed in that battle. Duessel later faced Emperor Vigarde in Grado Castle. By then, Vigarde had completely lost his senses. Duessel tried to talk to him but received no response. He then realized that it was too late to save him and apologized to the soulless puppet.

In Ephraim’s army, Duessel met various people who were also from Grado. Knoll, one of Prince Lyon’s clerics, explained to Duessel that they extracted the Dark Stone to try to prevent a catastrophe in the near future that they had foreseen. Duessel also gave some fighting lessons to Amelia, a young recruit. He later discovered that Amelia was actually the daughter of Melina, the woman he saved a few years ago. Duessel also met Cormag, who seemed to be quite interested in his cursed lance. Cormag believed that he might be able to master the lance and tame it. Duessel, having no heir to pass his legacy on to, decided to give the lance to Cormag but agreed to wait until the battle was over.

After the war is over, Duessel reunites Amelia with her mother and she becomes his trusted companion. He also returns to Grado to rebuild it and spends the rest of his life watching Grado and sharing his wisdom with the other nations.