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English name Glen
Japanese name グレン (Guren)
Class Wyvern Lord
Title Sunstone
Country Grado
Relations Cormag (brother)

Official Artwork


Glen, also known as Sunstone, is a general of the Grado Empire. He’s one of the Imperial Three along with Duessel and Valter, the latter of which was later replaced by Selena. Cormag is his younger brother and General Duessel was like a father to him. He despises Valter for slaying innocent civilians and had neither forgiven nor forgotten his crimes. He and his brother are famous even among the knights of Renais.


Glen and his brother Cormag were descended from a long line of extremely poor farmers. When they were kids, they used to chase animals out of the fields using sticks and stones, which may have helped them with their aim. One day, the emperor’s caravan passed through their village. While Glen and his brother watched the procession from the top of a tree, a stray dog began to bother the horses that were pulling the emperor’s carriage. They started throwing stones at the dog to get rid of it. Unfortunately, some of the stones hit the soldiers as well and they decided to arrest the kids.

When the emperor saw the kids in the room, he calmly but sternly asked the soldiers why they arrested children that were only trying to help. He then invited them to dine with him at his table. The kids had a great feast but they lacked the basic courtesies. They were really messy and kept droning on about mindless stuff like their chores. But the emperor listened with a fatherly smile. He told them that they were skilled at driving dogs away and that their aim would be of better use with spears. And that’s how they were recruited.

General Glen showed some interest to Duessel’s treasured lance. Crafted by Gavaleus, this lance was in Duessel’s family for generations. Glen commented about the light in the lance, which seemed to be filled with life and also remarked that staining it with blood would decrease it’s beauty. Unknown to Glen, Duessel would later pass on his legacy and give the lance to Glen’s own brother, Cormag.

During the war with Renais, Glen felt that the war was unjustified. He also disapproved of the emperor promoting Riev, Caellach and the once exiled Valter into generals. Nevertheless, they were the emperor’s orders and he had to accept them. Glen was later ordered to kill the leader of the rebels in Carcino: Princess Eirika. The emperor claimed that Eirika massacred the citizens of Port Kiris out of revenge for losing her country. Glen later told Cormag that he couldn’t believe that Eirika would be so evil. He briefly met Eirika once before in Grado but at that time, he felt that she was a woman of great kindness. Still, he never heard the emperor lie so he had no choice.

When Glen found Eirika, he told her that it was his mission to kill her for terrorizing Carcino. She denied the claims and Glen gave her a chance to speak. Innes interrupts and tells him how Grado, or more specifically, the emperor, was the one who caused the suffering of so many innocent people. Glen then realized that she was telling the truth. Despite all her hardships, her kindness remained. He decided to spare her life and try to learn the truth. However, he told her that if he finds out that she was lying, he’ll hunt her down and kill her himself. He then let them go.

Glen was about to leave for Grado when Valter arrived. Valter saw that Glen was letting Eirika escape. Glen didn’t care, saying that he has questions for the emperor. But Valter couldn’t allow that. He reminded Glen that there was a time in which he, Glen, and Duessel were part of the great Imperial Three. But then Valter was exiled and lost all his glory. Ever since his banishment, he yearned for revenge and his hatred corrupted him to insanity. As soon as he saw that Glen had no intention to kill without cause, he knew that he was of no use. Glen had barely enough time to contemplate the situation when Valter killed him. The last thing he heard was Valter’s maniacal laughter.