Credits: Lux Aeterna



English name Lute
Japanese name ルーテ (Rūte)
Class Mage → Sage / Mage Knight
Title Prodigy
Country Renais

Official Artwork


Lute is a self-proclaimed prodigy and lets everyone she sees know about this “fact.” She has much knowledge due to reading many, many books.


Lute is first seen during Eirika’s first battle with monsters. Artur tells Eirika to visit the village to the south to find a friend of his. At the village, Lute tells of how she’s a prodigy. She says that she’s read up on monsters, and proclaims that they are no match for her.

Through her support conversations, Lute shows that she has a habit of “monk watching.” She seems to be a bit of a prankster, because she replaced Artur’s book “Lux Aeterna” with a sedgel lizard’s tail (Artur has a fear of lizards), and she also set loose a small army of lizards in Artur’s room. Lute also has a dry sense of humor. In her support conversations with Ross, when Ross introduces himself as “son of warrior Garcia, Ross,” she addresses him as Son-of-Warrior-Garcia-Ross.

When around Lute, one is likely to be given a fact. She keeps on telling Vanessa through their support conversations of small facts about pegasi. She eliminates any challenge to her prodigy title, false or justified. In her support conversation with Knoll, Lute believes that Knoll is a threat to her title (although Knoll has no such intention).

In the epilogue, Lute spends less time secluded in her room and more time outside and she grows into a wise and well-traveled sage. If paired with Artur, she switches from studying Artur to studying her son’s confusing habits. If paired with Kyle, none could understand Kyle’s decision of bride, but they could not doubt his happiness. In a short time the two have a son, and Kyle  becomes dedicated to their child’s upbringing.