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English name Selena
Japanese name セライナ (Seraina)
Class Mage Knight
Title Fluorspar
Country Grado

Official Artwork


Selena “Fluorspar” is a general of the Grado Empire and one of the Imperial Three alongside Duessel and Glen. She is an honorable knight who is very loyal to Emperor Vigarde. It is even possible that she loves him. Only Duessel is higher than her in Vigarde’s esteem. Cormag once mentioned that Duessel was like a father to her.


Selena was raised in a desolate and impoverished village in the frontier. The people there, including Selena and her family, were very poor. They were so desperate that some of them even considered doing horrible things to survive through winter. But then the emperor sent them supplies even though they were too poor to even afford taxes. To the neighboring kingdoms, the emperor may have seemed mad but he didn’t care about his reputation among rulers. He only cared about his people so he saved the villagers.

That spring, Selena went to the capital to become a soldier. She wanted to dedicate her life to the emperor who saved it. She felt that she understood his idea and shared his vision. Eventually she became a knight, and finally, a general. As proof of her commission, the emperor had presented her with one of Grado’s treasures: a gemstone of fluorspar. This was where she got her nickname. The emperor also told her that “the role of an imperial general is that of the shield, not the blade. We are here to protect our citizens, not to threaten our neighbors.” She had never forgotten those words. Her every action as a general was determined by them.

When Grado attacked Renais, Selena was against the war, but because of her loyalty she never directly questioned the emperor’s intentions. She wanted to help the people of Renais since she felt that they shouldn’t suffer just because their leaders were fighting. She watched Caellach as he crushed the Sacred Stone. But when Caellach began to kill the remaining defenseless soldiers, she told him not to raise his blade against anyone who was powerless to resist him, and that killing without cause is murder.

After Duessel questioned the motive for the war, the emperor commanded Selena to execute Duessel since he planned to betray Grado and side with Renais. Selena couldn’t believe that Duessel could betray the Grado Empire but she had her orders. She then reminded the emperor of his wise words when she became a general, possibly hoping that he would realize that the invasion of Renais was unjustified. But the emperor commanded her to go and Selena had no choice but to follow his command.

When Selena found Duessel, she told him that she was supposed to assist him in the attack against Frelia’s army. But Duessel told the units to hold since he wished to speak to Ephraim first. Selena then realized that he really was a traitor and revealed that her actual mission was to execute him. Duessel ran and Selena prepared to attack. Shortly after the battle began, Valter arrived to tell Selena that the emperor asked her to return to the capital immediately. He claimed that the emperor no longer trusted her. Selena didn’t believe him, but she couldn’t risk the slight chance that she would disobey the emperor if Valter was telling the truth. She decided to return to sort things out.

When she arrived, she discovered that Valter was lying and Vigarde began suspecting that she was also a traitor. She denied it and begged him to give her another chance. Prince Lyon then asked her to bring a dragonstone from Za’albul Marsh for his research. Vigarde approved of this request and asked Selena to do it. She also renewed her oath of service and pledged to never fail in her duty.

After getting the dragonstone, Selena was visited by Myrrh who asked her to return it. After learning that Myrrh was with Ephraim, Selena was wondering if she should bring Myrrh to the capital. Realizing that Selena was from Grado, Myrrh asked her if she ever noticed any changes to the people around her recently, as if they act like a totally different person. Selena was surprised that Myrrh knew about the emperor’s sudden change. Myrrh then told her how the dark energy invaded the emperor’s body, changing him completely. Selena refused to believe that such a compassionate man is gone and asked if this process could be reversed. But Myrrh said it was impossible.

Then the Frelian army arrived and Selena ordered the troops to attack. She decided to release Myrrh and explained that she has no choice since she vowed to the emperor that she would never fail. She told Ephraim that she knows the emperor is not rational, but as a knight she must follow his commands. Selena apologized to Duessel for calling him a traitor when his loyalty was always with Grado. She said that she does not regret choosing this path and she’ll continue fighting. Selena was then defeated and died as a true and loyal knight of Grado.