Credits: FreelancerSealBoy



English name Tethys
Japanese name テティス (Tetisu)
Class Dancer
Title Beloved Dancer
Country Jehanna
Relations Ewan (brother)

Official Artwork


Tethys is a dancer and member of Gerik’s mercenary troop. She is also the older sister of Ewan.


Tethys is a native of the desert country of Jehanna, which is characterized by her red hair, a trait shared by all the people of the area. She led a difficult early life; both she and her younger brother Ewan were abandoned when they were young. Taking care of a younger brother, most likely a toddler, was very challenging for her as she was still a child herself. As she wandered from place to place, she often found herself going to bed hungry. Having once witnessed a dancer, Tethys decided to dance herself, hoping this would provide for her and and her brother. By her own admittance, Tethys found dancing harder than she’d expected; she fell and injured herself many times, but she persisted and eventually became a very skilled dancer.

It’s unknown when she joined Gerik’s troop of mercenaries, but it was likely some years before the Grado Empire began its war. During the War of the Stones, Gerik’s troop, Tethys included, aided the Princess of Renais, Eirika, in putting down a revolt in the recently formed republic of Carcino. Tethys continued to journey with the princess and the rest of her followers even when the trek led to the Black Temple of Fomortiis. Though Tethys could not fight, she used her dancing skills to aid the warriors in any way she could. During her travels with Gerik, she found herself falling for the mercenary; her affection became evident when she told the troop leader of her unfortunate past. Her fondness for Gerik eventually pushed her into conflict with fellow-mercenary Marisa who became her rival for Gerik’s affections.

With the war over, Tethys continued to travel Magvel, which eventually became her entire stage. Wherever she went, crowds would gather to watch this alluring woman of the desert perform. Some say, Gerik accompanied her and both were able to buy a leisurely retirement, though Tethys continued to find stages to dance on.