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English name Valter
Japanese name ヴァルター (Varutā)
Class Wyvern Knight
Title Moonstone
Country Grado

Official Artwork


Valter, nicknamed Moonstone, is one of Grado’s Generals. He was originally one of the Imperial Three with Duessel and Glen but he was later banished from Grado and replaced by Selena. Being a crazy psychopath, he couldn’t care less about what’s right or wrong. He only wants to satisfy his lust for blood. General Riev once described him as a beast, saying that his lack of morality and killing without remorse is what makes him strong. He is also particularly obsessed with killing Eirika.


At first, Valter was an honorable General. He was vicious but he retained his sanity. But everything changed in one battle. Valter and Duessel were facing a lot of enemies when Valter’s lance broke. Unable to fight without a weapon, he was looking for another one. He found one of Duessel’s lances and took it without Duessel’s permission or knowledge. Unknown to Valter, the lance he used was none other than a cursed lance belonging to Duessel’s family. As he fought with it, the lance began to drive him to madness. He killed every last living enemy in the battle, even those that were retreating. Duessel realized what happened and took away the lance from Valter. But it was too late. Valter was already consumed with madness. His eyes were filled with the light from the lance.

Not long after that incident, Valter began to slay innocent civilians who had no intention of fighting. Because of that, Emperor Vigarde punished Valter. He was stripped of his position as general and was exiled from Grado. Valter was no longer one of the Imperial Three. After his fall from glory, only his desire for revenge kept him alive. He began to hate the other generals of Grado so much that it drove him to insanity.

Just before the War with Renais, the emperor decided to reinstate Valter since he felt that his skills were necessary. The Imperial Three, especially Glen, showed strong disapproval of the promotion of Valter and two others (Caellach and Riev) but they did not dare question the emperor’s intentions. Valter went to Renais Castle just after the Grado army began to invade it when he saw Princess Eirika leaving the castle with the Silver Knight, Seth. He demanded to take the princess and attacked Seth. Seth became wounded and, after grabbing Eirika, he escaped. Valter decided not to pursue them since it gave him more time to savor the hunt.

Later, Valter was given the task to find Prince Ephraim and bring him to Grado. Valter’s aide, Tirado, had a plan to capture Ephraim. Their spy, Orson, informed them that Ephraim and his tiny army were going to attack Castle Renvall. Shortly after Ephraim captured Renvall, Valter was waiting outside with his reinforcements. He asked Ephraim to surrender peacefully but Ephraim refused. Valter was about to start attacking when Ephraim and the knights broke out through the east and escaped. Valter made no attempt to chase them.

Although capturing Eirika was Glen’s duty, Valter didn’t want Eirika to be anyone’s prey except his own. Besides, he didn’t think Glen was mentally capable of killing Eirika. He knew of Selena’s mission to execute Duessel but he also knew that Selena would return immediately after she had done her job, without killing anyone else. Since Ephraim’s army was approaching that area, he didn’t want Selena to be in command of that battle. So he went to her and told her some cock-and-bull story of how the emperor no longer trusts her and wants her to return to the capital. She reluctantly decided to go, leaving Valter’s subordinate Beran to deal with the situation. Valter then left to pursue Eirika. Beran failed to kill Ephraim though and decided to escape Valter’s wrath by fleeing as quickly as possible.

When Valter found Glen, he saw Eirika and Innes leaving. He asked Glen why he let Eirika go free when Glen said he needs his answers first. Valter realized that Glen wasn’t going to kill anyone mindlessly and revealed how much he hated him for being an honorable Grado general while he was banished. He then killed Glen before he could react. He later brought Glen’s body all the way to Grado and showed it to Cormag, claiming that he arrived just in time to see Eirika stab Glen. Cormag was furious to hear about his brother’s death and desired to avenge his brother regardless of the emperor’s orders. Valter told him of Eirika’s whereabouts and Cormag flew away. Valter’s plan of creating mindless bloodshed seemed to be going smoothly. He was confident that Eirika could deal with Cormag.

When Jehanna Castle was burned down, Valter was waiting outside for Eirika’s army to come out. There was a big battle in the desert with the Grado army led by the generals Valter and Caellach. General Riev offered his assistance but Valter denied it, saying that he won’t let anyone else take his prey, Eirika. Ephraim entered the battle shortly after it began. Valter reminded Eirika of their encounter outside Renais Castle and told her that he’ll be the one to kill her. He told Ephraim that he’s not going to let him escape like before but Ephraim responds by saying that he’s going to kill Valter. When Valter faced Cormag, Cormag demanded to know if Valter was the one who killed his brother, Glen. Seeing that Cormag already betrayed his country, Valter decided to admit the truth. Cormag then said that he dreamt of revenge for days and he now had the perfect opportunity to avenge his brother. It was on this battle that Valter was killed, bringing a sorry end to his messy life.