Darion’s Blazing Sword

Created by: Darion

Update (March 10 2006)

Added some text edits! woo!

Update (March 9 2006)

Gave the Lords better growths so they are worth using now. Also changed the reinforcements in Cogs of Destiny.


Follow the procedures shown in the Instructions pages, but instead you’ll need the English (NA) FE7 ROM.


This patch is a much more difficult version of FE7. But instead of using strategy, you are just fighting for your life… Pretty fun, but not recommended if you’re looking for a strategical challenge.


1) The Linus Four Fanged Offense, Kenneth Pale flower of darkness, and Lloyd Cogs of Destiny aren’t done either.

Known Issues

1) You cannot do Lyn’s mode. it’ll glitch up on chapter 5. but even if you COULD do Lyn’s story, It’d be impossible anyway (Eagler would be too powerful) but when you get the characters back in Eliwood or Hector’s story, they are better so don’t worry.

If anybody finds any glitches or anything, just E-Mail me at: [email protected]