Genealogy of the Holy War: RM AKA Binary

Created by: Habana♦887.bsRoNI
Notes translated by: TheEnd

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Loved FE4 and looking for a new way to play it? Trying this patch might be a good idea…

This patch features a lot of ASM (assembly) hacking, which is much more deep and involved than your regular hex editing hacking antics. As such, the changes to the game are more dynamic and interesting than what is normally expected. The first few chapters feature very few major changes, but as you continue playing the changes should become more apparent.


This patch only works for the Japanese version of the game. Playing it with the English patch makes the game unplayable, but it’s no big deal since the main story is unchanged.


  • The general difficulty has been raised. Also it’s not too cheap, except for a couple of parts.
  • The weapons and item selection has been given a great overhaul. Many existing weapons have different stats and there are also a couple of new weapons and items to play around with.
  • Branching promotions feature. In the promotion screen, pressing X, Y or L, when Oifey or Levin asks for confirmation, will toggle your promotion choice. Most characters have two choices, but some only have one (Prince and Princess) and some have three (Swordfighters).
  • Battle formulae have been revised. All characters can double attack now (Pursuit makes it easier to), all characters can critical (weapons now have critical rate and there is a critical bonus for certain classes), critical attacks do 3x damage and effective bonus gives +20 attack.
  • All mounted units can dismount.
  • Player Triangle Attacks are possible- they can be performed by the three knights in the first generation and the three swordfighters in the second.
  • Holy weapons can be traded and even characters with minor Holy blood can use them. However the stat bonuses are halved for those with minor blood.
  • Some promoted characters can promote again. Cuan is now a very good character to use!
  • Many skills have been changed. Different sword skills can activate at the same time. They also work on non-sword using characters and even mounted characters. Two new skills also feature- Lightning Sword and Darkness Sword.
  • Tons of other random stuff. I don’t want to spoil too much… See the readme file included for more information.


  • Beware when mounting or dismounting. There are cases when the character will stop moving after you do so. If that happens, load an old save from before the bug happened. You might be able to avoid the bug by doing things over again. (Please use regular saves, auto-save isn’t recommended.)
  • Enemy changes weapon through an event and isn’t updated. Load an old save and it’ll be fixed.