The Sacred Stones: FE7 Crossover

Created by: CrypticGirl


Do you enjoy FE8, but miss your old pals from FE7? Well, this patch will bring back some of our old friends. Here’s the list…

Update (version 1.4)

The update to my previous patch. Here’s what I’ve done…

  • Recolored most of the mugshots
  • Added Fimbulvetr, Aura, and Fenrir to the Rausten Court Shop after Last Hope
  • Raised male sage defense cap
  • Raised Mage Knights base movement and staff skill
  • Fixed Jaffar’s class and inventory
  • Fixed the Demon King’s HP glitch
  • Raised Necromancers’ con
  • Male heroes now have silencer skill
  • Latona has more max uses
  • Raised Saleh’s growth rates….because I just felt like it. ^_^


  • Franz is replaced with Lyn, a Myrmidon (F). She comes equipped with a Shamshir and two Vulneraries.
  • Gilliam is Pent, a mage. Can’t have too many pre-promoted units, can we? He has Fire, Thunder.
  • Moulder is now Erk. I’ve kept him a Priest for the healing purposes. However, he can still be promoted to a Sage to better suit his FE7 class.
  • Vanessa is now Priscilla. I kept her a Pegasus Knight so as not to mess up the cutscene where she rescues Ross in Ide.
  • Ross is replaced with Guy, a myrmidon. He has a Killing Edge, Vulnerary.
  • Garcia is replaced with Karel, a Swordmaster. He also has a Killing Edge and Vulnerary.
  • Artur and Lute are replaced with Lucius and Nino, both in their respective classes.
  • Kyle is now Rath, an archer. He is equipped with an Iron Bow, Steel Bow, and Vulnerary.
  • Tethys is now Ninian. No other changes.
  • Dozla is now Raven, a Hero. He is equipped with a Steel Axe and Hand Axe.
  • Duessel is replaced with Heath, a Wyvern Knight. He comes with a Silver Lance and Spear.
  • Knoll is now Karla, a Swordmaster. She has a Killing Edge and Vulnerary.
  • Syrene is now Jaffar the Assassin. He too has a Killing Edge and Vulnerary (I’m not too sure if I did this one correctly, so let me know).

Other Changes

  • Myrmidons are now promotable to Heroes or Swordmasters.
  • Swordmasters now have the Silencer skill.
  • Snipers should have the Silencer skill (if not, let me know).
  • Sages can now use dark magic.
  • Pupil promotable to Monk (another uncertain thing)
  • Monster slaying weapons for sale in the Ide armory on the World Map.
  • Divine, Elfire, and Flux should be effective against monsters. (Still being tested).
  • And finally, enemies have been made stronger for more of a challenge.