The Sacred Stones: Will of Good and Evil

Update (Version 1.4)

  • Added the patch staff
  • Cellica and Clea portraits are new
  • Chibi/mini portraits for all characters
  • Blinking and talking animations fixed


Before I begin, Fire Emblem: Will of Good and Evil (rough translation) is not an official Fire Emblem game. It is an alternate version of Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones, created by some members of the Chinese Fire Emblem fan site, ChinaFE. The game exists as a patch and you will need the Japanese ROM of The Sacred Stones to play it. Unfortunately for those unable to read Chinese, the game’s dialogue is written entirely in simplified Chinese, but such a language barrier should not stop you from enjoying the game. (If you’re already familiar with the original game, you’re not going to have many problems.)

Data and Information