Character Introduction

Character Replaces Class Who they were originally
Eirika Lord (F)
Brunya Seth Sage FE6: One of Bern’s Three Wyvern Generals.
Young Guinevere Franz Cleric FE7: Princess of Bern, Desmond’s illegitimate child.
Pent Gilliam Sage FE7: Mage General of Etruria.
Vanessa Pegasus Knight
Isadora Moulder Cavalier FE7: Knight of Pherae and Harken’s lover.
Sofiya Ross Shaman FE6: Shaman of Nabata, possesses both dragon and human blood.
Idoun Garcia Druid FE6: Formerly a Divine Dragon manipulated into a Demon Dragon.
Louise Neimi Archer FE7: Pent’s wife, a noble of Etruria.
Klein Colm Archer FE6: General of Etruria. His parents are Pent and Louise.
Clea Artur Pegasus Knight FE2: Younger sister of Clerbe, former leader of Sofia’s liberation army.
Cellica Lute Lord (F) FE2: The heroine of the game, Princess of Sofia.
Natasha Cleric
Karla Joshua Myrmidon FE7: Swordfighter from Sacae. Karel is her older brother.
Ephraim Lord (M)
Cecilia Kyle Mage Knight FE6: Mage General of Etruria. She was Roy’s military tutor.
Guinevere Forde Valkyrie FE6: Princess of Bern and possessor of the Fire Emblem.
Orson Paladin
Tana Pegasus Knight
Amelia Recruit
Fiora Innes Pegasus Knight FE7: Eldest sister of the three Pegasus Sisters of Ilia.
Nergal Gerik Necromancer FE7: An evil and manipulative sorcerer who tried to rule the world.
Tethys Dancer
Marisa Myrmidon
L’Arachel Troubadour
Lucius Dozla Bishop FE7: Close friend of the mercenary, Raven.
Sonia Saleh Sage FE7: Wife of Brendan Reed. She is Nergal’s link with the Black Fang.
Ursula Ewan Mage Knight FE7: One of the Four Fangs, loyal to Sonia.
Young Zephiel Cormag Wyvern Rider FE7: The crown prince of Bern.
Clarine Rennac Troubadour FE6: Klein’s younger sister.
Hellene Duessel Master Knight FE7: Queen of Bern, and mother to Prince Zephiel.
Limstella Knoll Sage FE7: One of the strongest Morphs created by Nergal.
Myrrh Manakete
Syrene Falcon Knight