What better way to show off the game than by using screenshots?

Perhaps the best bit of the game?

Playing the game with some characters from previous Fire Emblem games. A lot of the original characters have been replaced by characters mainly from Fire Emblem: Sword of Seals and Fire Emblem: Blazing Sword. Sure 3/4 of the whole cast are now females, but who cares for the guys?

Increased Difficulty Level

Did you find The Sacred Stones too easy? Even in hard mode? The people who made this game must have thought that too. The game can get seriously hard at times, but I have to say it’s much more fun that way.

New Godly Characters

Since the game is much more harder, would it be fair to give you some very powerful characters to use? Why not. Even with them you’re still probably going to have a difficult time. Cellica and Fiora max all kinds of stats, yet in the final chapters you see them doing 10 damage to some enemies >__<

Sometimes you wonder what they’re thinking

There are “reasons” for why these characters are here. At times you must admire the imagination of the creators. How else can two sets of Guineveres and Zephiels exist in the same time period? Of course, they’re completely different people and are siblings! Now if I was to tell you that Clarine happened to be L’Arachel’s younger sister you’d think I was insane.

Somebody loves Brunya

For an already promoted unit, Brunya is extremely powerful. Her growths are excellent too. Some of the best in the game. Guess what? You get her in the first chapter AND she can promote again! They are trying to convert you into a Brunya-lover. Don’t fall for their tricks! No it’s too late!!!

Man, he’s not even a final boss!

Hmm. I wonder if they love Riev too? No… That’d be evil. I bet they just want to make your life hell. Why didn’t they max his movement as well while they were at it?

Now to finish off…

Pierce Criticals are always pretty. That looks painful, but the monster deserves it for doing so much damage…