Image Class Weapon(s) Description
Lord Lord Sword Marth, prince of Altea and pivotal player in our story.
Pegasus Knight Pegasus Knight Lance Knights who soar the skies astride pegasi. Resistant to magic. Weak against bows.
Falcon Knight Falcon Knight Sword, Lance Promoted pegasus knights who are swift as the wind. Weak against bows.
Dracoknight Dracoknight Lance, Axe Promoted pegasus knights who ride dragons. Vulnerable only to bows and magic.
Cavalier Cavalier Sword, Lance Mounted knights with superior movement. A finely balanced class.
Paladin Paladin Sword, Lance Seasoned cavaliers with superior abilities all around.
Knight Knight Lance Heavily armored knights. High defense offsets their lack of speed and mobility.
General General Lance, Bow Seasoned knights who boast tremendous strength and defense.
Archer Archer Bow Armored fighters who wield bows. They attack from a short distance away.
Sniper Sniper Bow Seasoned archers whose arrows fly truer than those of any other class.
Mercenary Mercenary Sword Professional soldiers-for-hire with excellent abilities all around.
Hero Hero Sword, Axe Seasoned mercenaries and consummate swordsmen who deftly deal critical hits.
Myrmidon Myrmidon Sword Swift and skilled warriors who specialize in the blade. They often deal critical hits.
Swordmaster Swordmaster Sword Seasoned myrmidons who strike with critical hits as sure and quick as lightning.
Fighter Fighter Axe Axe-wielding clansmen from outlying kingdoms. Strong, but poor at defense.
Warrior Warrior Axe, Bow Seasoned fighters with unparalleled strength and stamina.
Hunter Hunter Bow Bow wielders in light armor who fight best in the wild. Not well protected, but strong.
Horseman Horseman Sword, Bow Seasoned hunters who race across the battlefield armed with swords and bows.
Barbarian Barbarian Axe Uncivilised axe wielders who roam the frontier lands. Enemy only.
Pirate Pirate Axe Freebooters who carry axes, like fighters. Tough as nails while on the water.
Berserker Berserker Axe Seasoned pirates who fare well in mountains or on water and often deal critical hits.
Dark Mage Dark Mage Tome Sinister conjurers who wield dark tomes. Powerful against those with high defense.
Sorcerer Sorcerer Tome, Staff Seasoned dark mages capable of wielding tomes and staves alike.
Mage Mage Tome Magic users who wield tomes as weapons. Effective against foes with high defense.
Sage Sage Tome, Staff Seasoned mages capable of wielding tomes and staves alike.
Curate Curate Staff Men of the staff who come to the aid of allies. Unable to attack.
Cleric Cleric Staff Women of the staff who come to the aid of allies. Unable to attack.
Bishop Bishop Tome, Staff Seasoned curates and clerics capable of wielding tomes and staves alike.
Thief Thief Sword Organized rogues who raze villages. Poor at fighting, but talented with locks.
Manakete Manakete Dragonstone A fabled race said to be able to take dragon form. Once, they ruled the world.
Ballistician Ballistician Ballistae Powerful long-range attackers with high defense, but their ballistae slow them down. Enemy only.
Chameleon Chameleon None Units with little combat skill of their own, but who can assume a comrade’s form.
Dancer Dancer Sword Refresh allies with their beautiful dances. Can fight with swords.
Soldier Soldier Lance Lowly foot-soldiers who are weak in almost every area. Enemy only.
Emperor Emperor Lance The ruler of the holy empire of Akaneia. Enemy only.
Mage Dragon Mage Dragon Dragonstone Vengeful dragons who seal magic attacks. Enemy only.
Earth Dragon Earth Dragon Dragonstone Mighty dragons whose strength is second only to the divine dragons. Enemy only.
Fire Dragon Fire Dragon Dragonstone Crimson-scaled dragons who incinerate all with their flame breath. Enemy only.
Ice Dragon Ice Dragon Dragonstone Sturdy, frost-coated dragons who breathe chilling ice. Enemy only.
Wyvern Wyvern Dragonstone Aerial dragons whose front legs have developed into wings. Attacks with flame breath. Enemy only.