Section 1: Introduction

Q) What should I know about this game?

A) The game is a Nintendo DS remake of the third Fire Emblem game, Mystery of the Emblem. It is also the direct sequel to Dark Dragon and Sword of Light (and its remake Shadow Dragon), with Prince Marth once again in the spotlight. It was released in Japan on 15th July 2010.

Q) Wasn’t Mystery of the Emblem a remake in the first place? Why are they remaking a remake?

A) Some people seem to get confused about this. The original Mystery of the Emblem actually contained two games, one of which was a remake of Dark Dragon and Sword of Light, and the other was a brand new game, which was the actual Mystery of the Emblem.

Q) Was this game released in English?

A) Not officially, but you can find a complete fan translation here.

Q) Will this game ever be officially released in English?

A) Who knows? Right now, it’s extremely unlikely, since there are so many other Japanese-only Fire Emblem games that have yet to be officially localised.

Q) What’s the story about?

A) Adapted from the Japanese official site:

Once, there was a great battle known as the War of Shadows. The forces of Medeus, the Shadow Dragon who brought despair to the people, were defeated by the combined strength of Marth, prince of the fallen Kingdom of Altea, Duke Hardin of Aurelis and other determined companions. One year later… A youth knocks alone on Altea castle’s door. Their aim to become a knight and fight alongside Marth, the Hero King.

Q) Does this game contain Book 1 of Mystery of the Emblem (aka Shadow Dragon)?

A) No.

Q) What changes/new features are there compared to previous games?

A) The main new feature is the ability to create your own custom character, dubbed My Unit, who appears and fights in the game’s story. For more details on My Unit, please check this page. Meanwhile, beginners can enjoy the option to choose Casual Mode, where allies don’t permanently die when they reach 0 HP and instead return at the beginning of the next chapter.

Q) What’s new in this game compared to the original?

A) There are several new prologue and sidequest chapters, 300+ base conversations (this includes support conversations), a remake of the elusive BS Fire Emblem chapters and three new downloadable chapters. Additionally, there are many more characters who can be recruited, including some surprising ones.

Q) Huh? Why do people call this Fire Emblem 12? It’s not a new game…

A) The game’s internal coding refers to this game as the 12th Fire Emblem, which is also what Intelligent Systems refers to this game as. At the end of the day, numbering games is just a convenience, so, as long people know what a particular number signifies, it’s not really that important.

Section 2: Early to Mid-game

Q) What’s the difference between all the difficulty levels?

A) Normal mode is the default setting, designed for newcomers to the series or those who don’t want a hard time. Hard, Maniac and Lunatic mode feature progressively stronger enemies and in these modes, reinforcements appear from the beginning of the enemy phase (as opposed to the end). Lunatic mode also removes the use of certain items such as the Silver Card and Warp Staff.

Q) Why can’t I choose Myrmidon as a class choice for My Unit?

A) Male My Units can’t be a Myrmidon from the very beginning of the game. To make them a Myrmidon, you need to make them a Cavalier, Archer or Mage first. Then, from Chapter 1 and onwards, you can Reclass them to a Myrmidon.

Q) Can My Unit seize thrones to clear the chapter?

A) No, only Marth can do this.

Q) Are there any penalties for choosing to play Casual Mode? Eg. characters who reach 0 HP return with reset stats.

A) As far as I can tell, there are no penalties whatsoever. However, if you intend on playing Reverse Lunatic mode on Classic mode, you must beat Lunatic mode on Classic mode.

Q) What do the choices in the Prologue do?

A) The choices decide which version of the next chapter you will progress to. Choosing the left option makes you go to the B map, while the right option leads to the A map (if you’re wondering why the maps are labelled this way despite the left option being the default one, it’s how they’re labelled in the game’s code). The layout of the maps is the same between versions, but the enemies are different. Be aware that the choice at the end of Prologue-7 serves a different function (it affects My Unit’s hairstyle).

Q) Can I recruit Katarina in the Prologue?

A) No, but you do get a chance to recruit her later in the game.

Q) Do I need to kill off characters to access the sidequest chapters like in Shadow Dragon?

A) No, the requirements are more sane this time. Although, this time it’s almost impossible to miss them without intentionally trying.

Q) Are there any disadvantages in using the training arena in the Battle Preparations?

A) Besides not get any gold back by winning and having to consume weapon uses, not really. Be aware that the Level Up gains in the training arena are fixed to an extent, which could be a disadvantage to some players.

Q) Do dynamic growths exist in this game?

A) No. There’s probably less reason for them to exist since characters generally have better growth rates now.

Q) Are there any playable Ballisticians in this game?

A) No, while the two Ballistician characters from Shadow Dragon do return in this game, they join as different classes.

Q) Can Xane allow units to move again when he copies Feena?

A) I’m afraid not.

Q) Can you obtain the Swarm, Meteor or Glower tomes?

A) Not in the main game. Eremiya has a Meteor tome in the second downloadable chapter, but you can’t transfer it to the main story.

Q) Is it possible to use the Darksphere in a Wi-Fi team?

A) No, not without hacking anyway. The only time you can obtain the Darksphere is when you possess the other four spheres, otherwise Hardin will not drop it. By the time you obtain it, it will already be fused into the Shield of Seals.

Section 3: End-game

Q) Is it possible to recruit Maria using Michalis?

A) No.

Q) What features do you unlock after completing the game?

A) Please check the bottom of the Hints and Secrets page.

Q) Do you obtain anything for beating Reverse Lunatic mode?

A) Nothing, except for the usual congratulations message.