15th July 2010

Official Release

The game has now been officially released in Japan.

New Mystery of the Emblem Background

Like the prior two games, a Background site has been opened to commemorate the game’s release. Features include world view & story, a visual walkthrough, wallpaper downloads and a mystery fourth section.

7th July 2010

Famitsu Review

The game scored a respectable 34/40 points (9, 8, 9, 8). (Source)

Game Center CX

A video was added to the Japanese Wii Nintendo Channel, where Shinya Arino challenges the original Mystery of the Emblem. The remake makes a very brief appearance at the very end.

1st July 2010

Official Site Update

A movie introducing the game and five versions of the game’s commercial have been added to the official site. Additionally, the Characters page has updated with four more characters.

30th June 2010

20th Anniversary Guidebook Released

The 20th Anniversary Fire Emblem Complete book was released in Japan today. (Source) It features artwork from all the existing Fire Emblem games, but only includes two currently unseen artworks from this game.

22nd June 2010

Official Site Update

The official site has updated with four more characters, details on weapons and classes, and the inclusion of BS Fire Emblem.

21st June 2010

Nintendo Dream News

A few Japanese fans have had this issue for a few days, but it should now be readily available in Japan. The biggest and most surprising news is that the BS Fire Emblem games will be included in the game.

11th June 2010

Official Site Update

All six sections of the official site can now be viewed, although the Basics of Battle page still has two subsections to be added: Weapons and Classes.

10th June 2010

Press Release

Finally, it seems that the rest of the Japanese media have acknowledged New Mystery of the Emblem‘s existence. There’s not much new information, but plenty of nice, clear screenshots.

9th June 2010

Famitsu News

A new character, Katarina, was introduced. Also details such as four difficult levels and Casual/Classic mode were confirmed.

3rd June 2010

Nintendo Channel

The game’s opening video was added to the Japanese Nintendo Channel. Apparently it’s the same video from 25th May though.

2nd June 2010

Retailer Meeting

According to Japanese sources, the game was brought up at one of Nintendo’s occasional retailer meetings. Some extra details not yet mentioned on the official site were revealed, such as a mode for casual players and four difficulty levels.

Official Site Opens

The game’s official site has opened bringing in tons of new details. The release date for Japan will be 15th July 2010 and the game’s main attraction appears to be an option to craft your own main character.

25th May 2010

New Mystery of the Emblem

The official Japanese Fire Emblem site announced Shin Monshō no Nazo ~ Hikari to Kage no Eiyū (lit: New Mystery of the Emblem ~ Heroes of Light and Shadow) for the Nintendo DS. (Source)