Hints and Secrets

Triangle Attack

This special attack can be performed by Catria, Palla and Est (the three Pegasus sisters) or Bord, Cord and Barst (the Fighter trio). As long as all three members of the trio are adjacent to the same enemy, they can activate the Triangle Attack by simply choosing to attack.

The members of the trio can be of any class, but the Triangle Attack only works if the initiator is attacking the enemy from melee range (i.e Range of 1).

Training Arena Stat Gains

When a character levels up in the Battle Preparation’s training arena (but not the arenas on the map), the number of stats that they gain is slightly fixed. The character’s full (personal + class) growth rates are summed up for all stats that aren’t yet capped, and for each 100% the character will be guaranteed one stat gain, while the remaining percentage is the chance of the character gaining a further stat point.

Eg. The sum of Marth’s full growth rates is 395% (when no stats are capped), which means that he will always gain at least 3 stat ups and has a 95% chance of gaining a fourth stat.

So if you’re only concerned about gaining the most number of stat points, the best classes to train as would be Fighter or Warrior (growth rate total of 115%) for males with access to Reclass set B and Cavalier, Paladin, Archer, Sniper, Myrmidon or Swordmaster (growth rate total of 90%) for other characters who can Reclass. The Maturity Drop also helps, boosting a character’s growth rate total by 90%.

Silver Card

A character holding onto the Silver Card can buy items for half price (except during Battle Preparations and the Online shop).

It is obtained during the end of Chapter 10 if all the enemy Clerics survived. In Lunatic mode, the Silver Card is replaced with a Vulnerary and cannot be obtained.

VIP Card

The VIP Card allows its holder access to Secret Shops, hidden shops that sell rare items such as stat-boosting items.

It is held by Rickard, who appears during Chapter 5 or 6 (you can recruit him using Julian or just kill him to obtain the card).


This spell is required to damage Gharnef, so you can defeat him to obtain the Falchion.

It is obtained by visiting the village in Chapter 21. Note that if you intend to recruit Michalis, you should make Minerva wait on the village first.

Master Seal Locations

Master Seals are required to promote characters.

  • Chapter 3: Enemy Dracoknight
  • Chapter 5: From an enemy Thief, and from the Secret Shop
  • Chapter 7: 2 from enemy Thieves
  • Chapter 9: Enemy Thief, and enemy Yodel
  • Chapter 12: Enemy Fire Dragon
  • Chapter 13: Enemy Ice Dragon
  • Chapter 14: Enemy Thief
  • Chapter 16: From a chest
  • Chapter 18: From an enemy General, and 3 from the Secret Shop
  • Chapter 20: From a chest

Elysian Whip Locations

Elysian Whips are used to promote Pegasus Knights to Falcon Knights.

  • Chapter 11: Hidden in the sand (at the very far north west end of the map)
  • Chapter 16: From a chest
  • Chapter 18: From the Secret Shop

Ultimate Weapons

  • Falchion: Chapter 23, from Gharnef
  • Mercurius: Chapter 7, 8, 9 or 16, from Astram
  • Gradivus: Chapter 20, from Hardin
  • Hauteclere: Chapter 9, from Minerva
  • Parthia: Chapter 5 or 8, from Jeorge
  • Excalibur: Chapter 10, from Merric, and Chapter 20x, from a chest
  • Aura: Chapter 3, from Linde, and Chapter 20x, from a chest
  • Aum staff: Chapter 23, from a chest

Starsphere Shards

  • Taurus: Chapter 3, from Ryuke
  • Gemini: Chapter 5, from Torus
  • Libra: Chapter 6, from a chest
  • Aquarius: Chapter 6, from Samto
  • Cancer: Chapter 6, from Rang
  • Scorpio: Chapter 7, from a Thief
  • Leo: Chapter 8, from a Thief
  • Sagittarius: Chapter 8, from Jeorge or a Sniper
  • Capricorn: Chapter 9, from a chest
  • Virgo: Chapter 9, from Minerva
  • Aries: Chapter 10, from Ellerean
  • Pisces: Chapter 12, from a Fire Dragon

During Chapter 14, Gotoh will repossess all the shards that you’ve collected. If you managed to obtain all 12 shards, he will restore the Starsphere for you.

Different Endings

The Bad Ending occurs if the Starsphere, Lightsphere, Geosphere, Lifesphere and Darksphere were not obtained by the end of Chapter 20. In this case, the game ends at Chapter 20.

  • Starsphere: Chapter 14, from an event if all 12 Starsphere shards were collected
  • Lightsphere: Chapter 14, from an event
  • Geosphere: Chapter 16, from a Thief
  • Lifesphere: Chapter 18, from the village
  • Darksphere: Chapter 20, from Hardin if you possess the other four spheres

If all five spheres were obtained, the Shield of Seals will be restored and the True Ending will be achieved; after Chapter 20 ends, the game will continue until Chapter 24 (the Final Chapter).

Game Completion Extras

Complete the Prologue:

  • New Akaneian Chronicles – Play the four BS Fire Emblem chapters from the Extras menu.

Complete the game with any ending or difficulty mode:

  • Event Recap – Re-read dialogue from the game, divided into Main story and Base conversations (and male and female My Unit).
  • Sound Room – Listen to all the songs that play in the game (all are unlocked by default).

Complete the game with the True Ending in Hard mode or above:

  • Reclass limit removed – Male Reclass sets A and B are combined.

Complete the game with the True Ending in Lunatic mode*:

  • Reverse Lunatic (Lunatic’) mode – Enemies always attack first during battles, otherwise the same as Lunatic mode.
  • Expanded Battle Preparations shop – Three of each stat-boosting item (except Boots) can be purchased per playthrough.

* Note that if you satisfy this condition on Casual mode, you won’t be able to play Lunatic’ mode on Classic mode until you satisfy the condition on Classic mode