CreditsPegasus Knight

Icon Class Weapons Promotes to Notes
Lord Lord Sword
Mercenary Mercenary Sword Hero
Hero Hero Sword
Thief Thief Sword Can open chests/doors/bridges
Commando Commando Sword Can transform into another ally
Dancer Dancer Sword Can allow an ally to move again
Fighter Fighter Axe
Bandit Bandit Axe Enemy only
Pirate Pirate Axe Enemy only, can cross seas
Barbarian Barbarian Axe Enemy only
Berserker Sword Enemy only
Archer Archer Bow Sniper
Sniper Sniper Bow
Hunter Hunter Bow Horsemen Horsemen dismount to this class
Horsemen Horsemen Bow Mounted
Knight (M) Knight (M) Sword All male mounted/flying characters (minus Horsemen) dismount to this class
Knight (F) Knight (F) Sword All female mounted/flying characters dismount to this class
Social Knight Social Knight Lance Paladin Mounted
Paladin Paladin Lance Mounted
Soldier Soldier Lance Enemy only
Armour Knight Armour Knight Lance General Armoured
General General Lance Armoured
Emperor Emperor Lance Enemy only
Pegasus Knight Pegasus Knight Lance Dragon Knight Flying
Dragon Knight Dragon Knight Lance Flying, dragon
Shooter Shooter Ballista Enemy only
Mage (M) Mage (M) Magic Bishop (M)
Bishop (M) Bishop (M) Magic, Staff
Bishop (Marich) Bishop (Marich) Magic, Staff
Mage (F) Mage (F) Magic Bishop (F)
Sister Sister Staff Bishop (F)
Bishop (F) Bishop (F) Magic, Staff
Dark Mage Dark Mage Magic, Staff Enemy only
Mamkute (M) Mamkute (M) Dragonstone Can transform into dragons
Mamkute (F) Mamkute (F) Dragonstone Can transform into dragons
Fire Dragon Fire Dragon Breath Dragon
Ice Dragon Ice Dragon Breath Dragon
Flying Dragon Flying Dragon Breath Flying, dragon
Demon Dragon Demon Dragon Breath Dragon
Divine Dragon Divine Dragon Breath Flying (not weak to arrows or wind magic), dragon
Earth Dragon Earth Dragon Breath Dragon, enemy only
Dark Dragon Dark Dragon Breath Dragon, enemy only, negates magic