Chapter 1: Marth’s Journey


MarthMarth: He is the main character. Although he isn’t an excellent unit, you must use him for every chapter.



JeiganJeigan: A pre-promoted Paladin. You mustn’t overuse this unit. He will gain stats almost never. Use him only to weaken enemies so your other characters kill them.



KainKain: A Social Knight with good stats all around. He is better than Abel in speed, skill, luck and weapon skill.



AbelAbel: A Social Knight with good stats all around. He is better than Kain in HP and strength.

*Note: Out of Kain and Abel, I recommend using only one of them. If you can’t decide which do you like more, use them both at first and decide after some level ups.


DogaDoga: An armour knight. He can be a great unit. I recommend using him.



SheedaSheeda: Your first pegasus knight. She isn’t very strong, but she has excellent skill, speed, weapon level and luck.



GordonGordon: He is an archer. At first, he is difficult to train, since he won’t double attack until promotion. However, if you give him some time, he can be a valuable unit.




This is what you should do during your first turn:
Attack the thief that is south of your army with Abel (use a ranged attack with his javelin). Now, kill that thief with Kain, If one of your two attacks misses, then use Sheeda Visit the village with Marth. Move Jeigan to the armory. Buy the following items:

  • 3 iron lances (for Jeigan, Sheeda and Abel)
  • 1 iron sword (for Marth)
  • 2 javelins (for Doga and Kain)

After buying the items, equip one of the iron lances to Jeigan. Move Sheeda towards Jeigan (if you haven’t moved her yet) and select the trade command. Give Sheeda an Iron Lance

Advance one or two spaces with Doga and keep Gordon behind him. This is how your screen should look after moving your units:


In the next turn, start trading the items that you bought. Move Doga so that he is in range of the closest enemy (you can check an enemy’s range by pressing the A button on him). Keep the rest of your army behind Doga.


The enemy will attack Doga. During your turn, finish him with Gordon and Marth. Form a wall with your units. Include Jeigan, since he has good defense, and with the iron lance, he won’t inflict a lot of damage and won’t double attack, so your weaker units can get more experience.


Keep advancing, but make sure that Sheeda isn’t in the range of the archer (bows are effective against flying units). Move someone to the fort and the woods shown in the image below (the red circle indicates the fort’s location and the blue circle are the woods).


If the character that is in the fort receives damage, have him get out of there and replace him with another of your characters. Eventually, all the enemies around that area will be finished.

After those enemies are down, move towards the castle. Visit the village with Marth. The two axe fighters that stand besides the boss are your next target. Move two of your units next to them, but don’t attack, wait until their turn. They will attack you, and in your next turn you can kill them.


Now, only the boss remains. Use Gordon and any other attacker, I recommend Doga. Attack him until he dies and Seize the throne.