Chapter 10: Akaneia – Pales

New Characters

MedeaMedea: a pre-promoted Paladin. Her starting stats are mediocre and her growths are decent. Not a recommendable character.



TomTom: an Armor Knight. He is a good replacement for Doga.



MichelanMichelan: Another Armor Knight. He is inferior to Doga and Tom.



ThomasThomas: An archer who comes under levelled but has some potential.



BoaBoa: A pre-promoted character. He is pathetic. Don’t use it.




As you can see, Medea’s group is in trouble. So, this is what you have to do:

  • Move Tom one space at the right of Thomas.
  • Move Boa to the space above Medea’s starting position.
  • Move Michelan one space to the right.
  • Move Medea to Michelan’s starting position.

Medea’s group should look like this:


This way, Medea’s group will receive the less possible damage, but they can’t last forever, so your main group should rush in order to save them.

Advance as quickly as possible, kill the 2 armor knights and then warp Maric or Linda to the space next to the treasure’s room door.

1 (1)

I said Maric or Linda since they are probably the characters with the better resistance in your party, making easier to deal with the mages. Also, I told you to block the entrance so the thieves can’t steal the treasure. However, don’t grab the treasure yet, that enemy general can be dangerous, just leave your thief near the room.

Once Medea’s group is saved you should go south. A mamkute is waiting there, lure him with Maric and an ice tome and finish him with the Dragon Killer. Keep advancing towards the throne.

Keep advancing while killing the bishops and the sniper, be very careful with the sniper, as he is powerful, but Maric’s Excalibur can be very effective. Just remember to attack him at short range. The boss can fall easily against a kill sword. Don’t seize the throne yet.

Now it’s time to deal with the General. Put Maric or Linda in the space shown in the image below to kill the general. Grab the treasure.


Use a high defense character to deal with the soldiers on the bottom left part of the map and open the chest.

Now you can seize the throne. Nina will give you the Partia, the most powerful bow in the game.